'Oh my': Fans erupt over Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams drama

Tennis legend Venus Williams and Nick Kyrgios (pictured left) sharing a laugh and (pictured right) Kyrgios arguing with the chair umpire.
Tennis legend Venus Williams and Nick Kyrgios (pictured left) share a laugh during their mixed double's match, which involved plenty of drama (pictured right). (Images: @Stan/david_gerty)

Tennis legend Venus Williams and Nick Kyrgios have delivered on every level in their entertaining thriller at Wimbledon during the mixed double's draw.

Kyrgios was up to his usual antics, which included an expletive-laden argument with the chair umpire, during the dream team's 6-3, 3-6, 7-5 victory over equally cheery US duo Austin Krajicek and Sabrina Santamaria.

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Fans were treated to a rollercoaster of a match and even veteran Venus Williams, 41, couldn't hold back the laughts after Kyrgios' usual show.

In her storied career, the great American had the indignity of hearing her doubles partner keep telling her "good serve V!', ''well played V!" or "Sorry V!".

And then Kyrgios couldn't help but take aim at the chair umpire during the match.

The Aussie got in a heated debate with umpire Arnaud Gabas over what seemed to be the length of time during which he was allowed to make a challenge as the "dream team" got broken by their little-known opponents.

“So you’re telling me no one has ever waited that long? What do you mean?” he said.

“What do you mean no? I didn’t see the hand signal. It’s bulls***, man.”

Kyrgios couldn't let it go.

“What are you f***ing talking about? It’s the same f***ing thing. It’s bulls**t,” he added.

Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams' hilarious moment

The pair were relieved to take the final set and advance into the next round.

However, Kyrgios was left backtracking after the match when he left Williams hanging.

After celebrating the victory, Kyrgios and Williams embraced before the American waited for a high-five.

But Kyrgios skipped off to thank the umpire and left the tennis legend hanging.

Kyrgios became aware of the moment after the match and couldn't help but feel red-faced.

Following the match, Kyrgios said he felt Williams was laughing so much due to his accent.

""I'm just glad that we got a win today - and she enjoyed herself too. She said she had so much fun," Kyrgios said after the pair had been laughing and joking animatedly with each other at the changeovers.

"What was so funny? "I think half the time she was just laughing at my accent," smiled Kyrgios.

"We're very different. I think she's quite timid and very quiet. I'm a bit, you know, loud and talkative. At least we made it work."

But the crowd offered the pair a standing ovation in a match many hailed as one of the most entertaining in some time.

Kyrgios doubled down on how much fun he had out on court.

"It was just a lot of fun," smiled Kyrgios.

"She's iconic to the sport and an absolute legend. She'll go down as one of the greatest players ever to pick up a racquet when all's said and done."

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