Why do some Chicago Bulls fans dislike DeMar DeRozan so much?

Some of the Chicago Bulls‘ fan base were pulling for the Bulls to trade the expiring contract of DeMar DeRozan in order to prevent the veteran wing from leaving the team for nothing in free agency this summer.

Others were banking on the Bulls’ ability to re-sign the Chicago swingman to a deal that makes sense for the Bulls in terms of both years and money. And while the latter option is by far the tougher needle to thread in most cases, Chicago’s front office elected to go that route this summer. DeRozan’s status as a looming free agent has opened up some surprising rifts in Bulls fandom.

Why do some Bulls fans dislike DeRozan so much?

To explore this unexpected wrinkle to the season on a recent episode, the host of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast, Haize, weighed in on this odd trend of DeRozan hate. Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire