Where do the Chicago Bulls rank among potential contenders in the future?

Where would the Chicago Bulls rank in a survey of the league that somehow was able to assess and rate the Bulls and the rest of the league for their contention capabilities over the next three seasons after this one? For those among us who do not live for crunching data to answer these sorts of questions, Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey has come up with his own means of so doing to save us the trouble.

The B/R NBA analyst describes that method as using “picks in this draft and upcoming ones, young talent already on the roster, current performance, projected future performance and loads of subjectivity (to have) every team in the league … ranked by their chances to win a title in the next three years.”

This breakdown has the Bulls ranked at No. 23 overall, which, for a ball club going through as much as Chicago is at the moment, feels about right.

“The Bulls are long overdue for a full-scale rebuild, and they can have some fun watching Coby White while doing it,” adds the B/R analyst.

“Maintaining the status quo probably just keeps them hovering around .500 for the foreseeable future.”

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire