Westfield shoppers baffled by trolley bay - can you see the problem?

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A trolley bay located in a Canberra Westfield car park has left shoppers scratching their heads over how to return trolleys.

Abandoned trolleys are unfortunately not an uncommon site, they can usually be found scattered around car parks and sometimes even left on nature strips in residential areas, so when a shopper at Westfield Woden went to do the right thing and return her trolley, she was a little confused by the design on the trolley collection point.

The woman posted a photo of it in a local Canberra Facebook group and said it left her with lots of questions.

A confusing trolley parking bay that doesn't allow trolleys to be placed in there
The woman posted a photo of a trolley bay in Westfield Woden that left her with many questions. Source: Facebook

At first glance the trolley parking bay looked like any other, with one trolley already parked, waiting to be collected.

However eagle-eyed members of the group managed to spot that a low bar blocking the entrance to the trolley bay made returning trolleys a mission impossible.

"You could probably tilt it. That’s how I reckon they got it in there," one user guessed.

"Hey everyone just throw your trolley over the railings!"another user joked.

"Either someone was having a laugh - or installer needed supervision," one user commented.

"If its where I think it is. When they built the new restaurants in the carpark they put in the new block work wall and never moved the railing," one person suggested.

Source: A close up shot of the trolley bay that shows the metal bar placed incorrectly
It took Facebook users a bit of time to notice the bar at the front stopping customers from returning trolleys. Source: Facebook

One person in the group suggested a trickster had spent some time reversing the trolley bay after noticing it didn't seem to be attached to the ground.

"Someone unbolted it and spun it around for a laugh," one user guessed.

"Yes, you can see the bolts missing lol" another replied.

"Some clown has had some fun," a person concluded.

A man lifts the trolley over the railing to place it in the trolley bay
A woman posted video of her boyfriend lifting up a trolley and placing it inside the trolley bay.Source: Facebook

The group couldn't decide if the joke was annoying or hilarious but one member showed it is possible to return a trolley to that bay, with a little out of the box thinking and some extra muscles.

A woman posted video of her boyfriend lifting up a trolley and placing it inside the trolley bay.

"What a champion," one person commented.

"He's beat the system!" said another.

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