Video: Muay Thai fighter’s nose literally breaking in slow motion looks unreal

A muay Thai fighter’s nose was completely wrecked over the weekend, and the slow-motion footage of the punch that did it is insane.

It happened between Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang and Shayan Heydari in Thailand, with Petchrungruang blasting Heydari with a vicious uppercut that broke right through the guard and landed flush on the nose. Heydari’s nose instantly shifted drastically to the right side of his face upon impact.

It’s one of the most gruesome highlights you’ll probably ever see in combat sports, which you can watch in the video below (via X):

It should come as no surprise that the fight ended right after Heydari’s broken nose occurred, with Petchrungruang earning a second-round TKO.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie