Usain Bolt almost kicked by horse at Ladies Day

Usain Bolt, always the coolest cat in the park, never fazed, ice in those veins.

Well, on the track and at the club for sure. But put him outside his element, like in the mounting yard at Flemington and you might just see him jump and sweat.

It wasn’t a starter’s gun that sent his twitch fibers racing. It was the back hoof, gun-shot flung towards him, of Crown Oaks runner Eleonora that did it.

A special guest at Ladies Day, wouldn’t you know it, Bolt was looking his silky best in a white suit.

Bolt smiling again and joking with Aussie sprinter John Steffensen seconds after he was nearly booted. Pic: Getty

However as he glided across the grass in the mounting yard ahead of the Crown Oaks running he forgot the cardinal rule, don’t walk behind the horse.

As the horse kicked out, his eyes widened in terror and he shot upwards, airborne, clutching himself.

Once back on firm ground and realising he was safe the trademark smile returned, but there was little doubt that heart was trying to burst from his chest.

The nine-time Olynmpic gold medalist was quickly back top his best and was able to hand over the Crown Oaks trophy to the trainer and jockey of the winner, 120-1 outsider Lasqueti Spirit.

Bolt celebrates Lee Curtis and Brenton Avdulla. Pic: Getty

Bolt himself would have loved the ride, watching it streak eight lengths clear, the jockey bowing 30m before the finish line, much like Bolt's toothy smile during the recent Olympics 100m semi-final.

Usain Bolt had survived another injury scare off the running track, much like this famous incident back in the day where he was taken out, after winning his 200m race, by a photographer on a segway in China.