Urban Meyer issues plea for patience after Jaguars' 0-2 start

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-2, and it hasn't exactly been an encouraging 0-2.

The team has been outscored 60-34 and outgained 847-584. Trevor Lawrence, the generational quarterback prospect whom the Jaguars have bet their entire future on, has thrown 42-of-84 for 450 yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions. Head coach Urban Meyer is somehow under investigation by the NFLPA for telling the truth.

The Jaguars have looked like a bad football team, as many expected. So far, the fans haven't turned up.

With that context, Meyer opted to release this statement:

That could be read as your basic "calm down, we've got this" message, but the 2021 Jaguars don't exactly have a prime Aaron Rodgers or a collegiate Tim Tebow. The Jaguars have a roster that went 1-15 last year, a rookie quarterback and a head coach in his first season in the NFL at any level.

So you can imagine quite a few people took Meyer's statement as less encouraging than he intended:

On the plus side for the Jaguars, Meyer has at least promised he definitely won't take that plum USC job that just opened up.