Upkick alert! Canadian prospect Jayden Martin cracks opponent in jaw for TKO

There’s nothing like a good upkick.

Inherently the most out-of-left-field, yell-inducing strike in the game, an upkick landed on a chin Thursday in Vancouver at BFL 80.

In a 180-pound contract-weight fight, a grounded Jayden Martin (3-1) cracked a standing Christian Tremayne (5-5) with his heel.

Tremayne fell on top of his horizontal foe and covered up. Martin scrambled and was suddenly the one looking down on his opponent. He landed some Donkey Kong-esque punches as Tremayne turtled and the referee intervened.

While we have you here, enjoy these random upkick knockouts (courtesy of the great Caposa and others) and play the “Try Not to Yelp Challenge.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie