'Uneducated bogans' slammed after Porsche claims controversial Summernats win

Livij Krevatin's 1978 Porsche 911 SC won the sought-after Street Machine Grand Master award at Summernats.

Livij Krevatin, pictured here after winning the Street Machine Grand Master award at Summernats.
Livij Krevatin won the Street Machine Grand Master award at Summernats. Image: Summernats

The smell of burning rubber may have dissipated but the anger still lingers in the air among some Summernats fans after a Porsche was declared winner of the sought-after Street Machine Grand Master award. Traditionally the domain of more mainstream cars, Canberra's Livij Krevatin took out the prestigious title with his stunning 1978 Porsche 911 SC.

Judges rated quality of paint, execution of engineering, bodywork and driving performance that tests acceleration, braking, handling and driver control before arriving at their decision. However not everyone was impressed with the final verdict.

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"A prime example to show how much Summernats has strayed from its roots. It's a disgrace to the true street machine enthusiasts," one unhappy fan wrote on the event's Facebook page.

Another added: "That is not a street machine. It should not of (sic) even been considered ... this event is about tuff steer car."

The Summernats car festival, pictured here at Exhibition Park in Canberra.
The Summernats car festival at Exhibition Park in Canberra. (Photo by Liu Changchang/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Sydney mechanic and car enthusiast Michael Saunders, who finished top 20 after entering a Gemini V8 in the 1998 Summernats, believes ignorance is behind the complaints.

"The uproar is coming from uneducated bogans and Facebook warriors that don't understand how it works," he told Yahoo Sport Australia. "They don’t understand or realise the amount of work and effort that goes into producing something like this.

"I'm not blowing up because a Porsche won it - I think it's great. It's lifting the Summernats to the next level of car shows.

"It's not all based on car parochialism and burn outs – the sport's actually moving forward. The judges are just normal people who know what they're looking for and judge each car on its merit. They are not seduced by the make of the car or how much might have been spent on it."

A burnout show, pictured here during the Summernats car festival at Exhibition Park in Canberra.
A burnout show during the Summernats car festival at Exhibition Park in Canberra. (Photo by Chu Chen/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Livij Krevatin speaks out after Summernats triumph

Krevatin took ownership of the Porsche 13 years ago after a client gave it to him, slowly falling in love with the vehicle. With the help of the crew at Queanbeyan-based Real Steel Group, the car was lovingly built into a stunning masterpiece that blew almost everyone away.

"I'm in the building game and I got it as part-payment for a job," Krevatin told the Street Machine website. "I really would’ve preferred the money (but) after a few years I eventually fell in love and decided to give it a freshen-up – do the engine up and a quick coat of paint.

"Every part in this car is rebuilt or brand new – even the parts you can’t see. I wanted all the detail yet have it still be raw and in-your-face and not lose any of its original charm or character. Like a lot of people, I’ve always dreamed of a Porsche and getting this one gave me that opportunity."

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