Unanimous favourite for Aberdeen's player of the year

Your views

We asked for your thoughts on who should be Aberdeen's player of the year and you're all in agreement about who gets your vote.

Here's what some of you had to say:

Mike: Bojan Miovski. Not really sure how anyone else can come close. Nicky Devlin has been a decent signing, Jack MacKenzie has been good in periods, as has Jamie McGrath. But no one has come close to Miovski who has excelled for much of the season in an otherwise poor team.

Euan: It has to be Miovski. He is a class act who has pulled goals out of thin air at times.

Andy: Player of the season? Is there more than one contender? It has to be Miovski.

Steve: It’s a no-brainer, Bojan. Had it not been for his goals who knows what state Aberdeen would be in at present.

Fred: For me there is only one contender. Without Miovski we would definitely be heading towards relegation.

Ally: There is only one player that deserves mention. Miovski has been the shining light in a forgettable league season.

Paul: It has to be Miovski, I shudder to think where we’d be without his goals. His workrate, commitment and scoring prowess makes him invaluable. Please stay, Bojan!