X-Rated detail in Conor McGregor's new $2.7 million watch

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Conor McGregor, pictured here showing off his new watch.
Conor McGregor has splashed $4 million on some new watches. Image: Instagram

Conor McGregor is a man who likes his watches.

But an X-Rated detail in his new $2.7 million timepiece might just take the cake.

Ahead of his return to the Octagon, the UFC star has splashed out $4 million on a pair of new watches.

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Taking to Instagram in the UAE on Thursday, McGregor showed off his new watches - as well as a brand-new Bentley and custom-made suit.

“New watch new suit new whip alert,” the 32-year-old star wrote.

One of McGregor’s watches is reportedly a Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, valued at $1.3 million.

According to Jacob & Co the watch has a total of 342 invisibly set, baguette-cut diamonds on the backdrop and 80 diamonds on the lugs.

The dials have 133 triangle-cut white diamonds of their own, totalling 16.8 carats.

But that’s not all.

McGregor also splashed the cash on another Jacob & Co piece featuring a very X-Rated detail.

According to the Sun: “With the touch of a button, a hidden sex scene emerges from behind a shimmering door.”

Jacob & Co said McGregor paid a whopping $2.7 million for the second watch.

Conor McGregor, pictured here at the Grammy Awards in 2020.
Conor McGregor is a man who likes his watches. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Dana White’s scary Conor McGregor warning

McGregor will return to the Octagon against Dustin Poirier for the UFC 257 main event, which will take place in Abu Dhabi.

The Irishman will be looking to repeat his victory over his rival, which took place at UFC 178 back in 2014.

“I like Dustin. I think he’s a good fighter. He’s even a great fighter,” McGregor said.

“But great is still levels below me. I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds.”

UFC president Dane White believes the ‘real’ McGregor has returned and he is taking the fight seriously.

“There’s nothing more exciting or more fun than a motivated Conor McGregor when his head is in the right place,” White told ESPN.

“You can tell when he is, and you can tell when he isn’t. Right now, you can tell he’s in.

“If something happened to Dustin Poirier, he is the Conor McGregor right now that doesn't give a s**t who we put in that fight.

“He's going to be, 'Who's ready? Who you got? I'm going to the gym, tell me who's showing up on Saturday.' He's that guy right now. That Conor McGregor is back.”

White also confirmed he had cleared the air with McGregor after a spat between the pair last year over the Irishman’s next opponent.

The UFC president said he was ‘really upset’ with McGregor after their public feud, which Diego Sanchez was dragged into, but has since ‘fixed’ the tension.

Additional reporting by Riley Morgan

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