'They don't get much cleaner than that'

Josh Emmett marked his return to the UFC featherweight division with one of the cleanest KOs of the year.

The American was a massive underdog against third-ranked featherweight Ricardo Lamas at UFC on Fox 26 in Winnipeg, Canada.

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But Emmett made a mockery of his status with a brutal exhibition of power-punching against his compatriot.

The fight was evenly poised in the opening round when Lamas looked to land a big right on his opponent.

Emmett saw it coming though and evaded the punch before swivelling on the spot and hammering Lamas with a vicious left hook that sent him crashing to the canvas.

Emmett's KO was as clean as they come. Pic: Fox UFC/Getty

The shot was so clean and powerful that Emmett didn't even need to follow it up as Lamas lay sprawled on the canvas.

"I said that if I land one clean shot that I'll end the fight," Emmett said after the fight.

"Everyone was counting me out, and I guess I finally landed one clean shot.

"My goal was to come out here and shock the work. I think I might have."