UFC star stuns fans with naked workout photo in isolation

Sam Goodwin
·Sports Editor
·2-min read
Paige VanZant, pictured here working out in the nude at home.
Paige VanZant posted a completely nude photo whie working out. Image: Instagram

Paige VanZant has taken self-isolation to a whole new level.

Ahead of her eagerly-awaited return to the Octagon, the UFC star has been hitting the gym and making sure she’s in top shape.

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However due to the coronavirus pandemic she’s been forced to continue her training at home.

VanZant has been posting a number of photos and videos to social media to update fans on how she’s progressing.

However her latest photo was missing one key detail - clothing.

VanZant and fellow MMA fighter husband Austin Vanderford worked out in the nude on Wednesday, posting the pics to prove it.

The photo shows VanZant sitting on an exercise ball while Vanderford does some chin-ups, both completely naked.

Needless to say the photo stunned fans.

“OMG,” one user commented, while there were hundreds more in similar vain.

VanZant asks Conor McGregor for advice

Earlier VanZant uploaded a video punching and evading a swingball, asking Conor McGregor for some feedback, writing: “How did I do @notoriousmma??”.

“Excellent Paige! Slow it down and go through all the defensive patterns now. Catch the bar on the glove as well as hitting,” McGregor responded.

“Roll under it. Pull from it. Double the sequences up and mix others in. Catch hit catch. Hit pull hit catch hit. Hit roll hit roll pull hit. Etc etc.

Paige VanZant, pictured here at an open UFC workout in 2018.
Paige VanZant at an open UFC workout in 2018. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

“Turn the fist down also, knuckles horizontal! You will punch with the fist horizontal in a fight, over vertical, so work as you will fight.

“Habits worked in the gym become habits in the fight … this machine is perfect for you. Just out of the cast also. Good luck.”

VanZant has a 5-3 record in UFC but her career has been plagued by injuries.

She suffered her third arm fracture in 2019 and has been batting to get back in the Octagon ever since.