'Stubborn and greedy': Jon Jones' explosive new spray at UFC boss

Jon Jones has attacked Dana White in a series of explosive social media posts. Pic: Getty

Jon Jones is ramping up his beef with Dana White.

UFC’s longtime light heavyweight champion and top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter blasted White in a series of Tweets on Monday calling for higher pay.

It’s the latest in an ongoing dispute between White and the fighter many consider the best in the history of the sport.

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Jones says the conflict centres around his desire to claim his fair share of the pay-per-view and box office take when he fights.

Warning: the following tweet contains profanity

Jones is under contract with UFC. He asked White to release him in another Twitter rant last week where he called White a “f---ing liar.”

Jones was disputing White’s claim that he asked for Deontay Wilder money in the neighbourhood of $30 million to step up for a heavyweight bout against Francis Ngannou.

On Monday, Jones said that he hasn’t made a quarter of that take over the course of his UFC career while making $2 million a fight in his 20s prime.

Jones disputes claim he wants too much money

Jones declined to name his price but asked "just to be treated fair," while calling White "stubborn and greedy."

Jones then said that he hopes to help secure bigger paydays for future UFC fighters.

Jones not alone in challenging White

Jones isn’t the only UFC star to take his beef with White public. Jorge Masvidal called for White to let him out of his contract last week with contract talks for a title bout against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman slowing.

“If I’m not worth it, let me go,” Masvidal tweeted.

Like Jones, Masvidal used White’s own words touting UFC’s financial success while laying out his case.

Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo's retirement announcements from UFC in recent weeks have sparked speculation that both are simply using their decisions as negotiating ploys for higher paydays.

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