Second best ever: Conor McGregor savaged over UFC boast

Conor McGregor's latest tweet has caused a stir in the UFC world. Pic: Getty

Conor McGregor has caused a massive stir in the UFC world after anointing himself as the second greatest fighter in history.

The cocky Irishman believes Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA fighter of all time but expects to surpass the Brazilian by the end of his career.

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Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion McGregor took to social media to explain who the greatest fighters of all time are and why.

The outspoken Irishman ranked himself second to former middleweight king Silva, though he clarified he would be top of the list if failed drug tests were taken into account.

McGregor also included former welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre and light-heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones in his rankings.

He posted on Twitter: "The array of finishes, across 2 divisions, with champion status in 1, Anderson Silva is No.1 MMA GOAT.

"My array of finishes, across 3 divisions, with champion status in 2, I'm No.2. If not tied 1.

"However [I'm] still active, No.1 is fully secured by career end. And easily.

"GSP [St-Pierre] is in at 3. Much less array of finishes but champion status in 2. He is far behind though. Reasons = Left 170[lb division] after much damage taken + questionable decision. Never re-engaged 170lb successors. Bottled Anderson fight. Only moved [to middleweight] when one-eyed fighter [Michael Bisping] presented. Played safe.

"Jon is 4. Maybe tied 3. More array of finishes than 3 and still active, but champion status in just 1. Reasons = Multiple lacklustre decision performances + questionable decision win. Attempting to safe play HW [heavyweight] entry/avoiding its champion."

McGregor added: "I didn't mentions PED results on multiple entrants, even though that makes me the clear current No.1 MMA GOAT, along with still being active.

"Although it shames, as well as puts all runs+finishes in complete doubt, I've snored multiple juice heads. A true GOAT must do it all.

McGregor rates himself and Anderson Silva as the greatest fighters in UFC history. Pic: Getty

"Clarity on Silva's earlier no.1 spot. Most stylistic finishes on resume. Front kicks to face. Up elbow (albeit outside UFC) Thai plum knees leading to broken facial bones. Long list of jaw dropping finishes. Myself/Anderson have the most exciting/important finishes in the sport!

"One more on George/Jon decision that will clear why I originally gave George 3 and Jon 4 before a maybe tied 3. A lot of Jon's opponents were Anderson's 185lb opponents but the array of stoppages were not there, or nowhere near Anderson's despite the weight advantage to do so."

Rivals dispute McGregor’s self-indulgent claim

Unsurprisingly, McGregor's assertion that he is the second greatest fighter in UFC history was met with some fierce opposition from several rival fighters.

Nate Diaz also had plenty to say, anointing himself as the true GOAT of the sport.

“Smoked the #1 p4p [pound for pound] and double champ,” he wrote.

“Know the real GOAT when you see him.

“And don’t forget I did it better and quicker than anyone else on the ground and sent him down with punches quicker than Mayweather did so f*** all y’all rankings and know a real GOAT when you see me.”

While Jones, who came in at No.4 on McGregor's list, simply responded with “GOAT where you at” with a list of the most wins in UFC title bouts - the American sitting pretty on top with 14 victories and zero defeats.

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