'Hit him': Uproar over unsettling Conor McGregor video with son

Pictured here, Conor McGregor with his son on holiday in Dubai.
Conor McGregor has been slammed over a shocking video where he tells his son to hit another child. Pic: Instagram

Conor McGregor has come under fire after posting what many have described as one of the worst parenting videos imaginable.

The Irishman this week stunned fight fans after declaring that his highly anticipated trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier was off, following a very public feud over McGregor's donation pledge for the American's charity.

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Currently on holiday with his family in Dubai, McGregor sparked outrage after posting a video in which he encourages his young son to go and punch another child in the face.

McGregor filmed the astonishing pep talk with his three-year-old son, where he can be heard doling out some disturbing advice while discussing his family's heritage.

“That’s the McGregor family crown champ," the Irishman says to his son as he points to a gold pendant around his neck.

“This is the McGregor family crest. It’s a lion’s head with a crown on it because you are a king, champ. We are kings.

“Bash anyone that says anything, you hear?”

The UFC star then turns the conversation onto an apparent incident that happened earlier at the beach between his son and another child.

“Did he hit you? Where did he hit you? What do I say? Hit him back," McGregor tells his son.

“Where you going to hit him? Hit him in the mouth. He hit you in the back did he? Go hit him in the mouth. Aim for the mouth and the nose champ.

“Be faster, that’s why we train.”

Unsurprisingly, the shocking interaction was condemned by viewers on social media.

"That's not how you bring a child up, teaching him to smack children. Teach him to be kind and respectful," one user posted.

Another person added: "Absolutely disgraceful, he should be teaching his son good values. Hope his son doesn't follow in his dad's steps."

A third user said: "Wrong in a lot of ways. I'm not a parent but don't teach your kid to go fight in the street. Teach your kid to be better than that."

While a fourth person sarcastically added: "Lovely! Telling a kid to go for the mouth or nose to hit another kid. Great parenting, not!"

Seen here, Dustin Poirier celebrates his rematch victory against Conor McGregor at UFC 257.
Conor McGregor said this week that his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier is off after a public disagreement. Pic: Getty

McGregor at centre of charity furore

The latest controversy surrounding McGregor comes after Poirier claimed that the Irishman's team had stopped responding to questions about his charity pledge.

The pair agreed to a July 10 trilogy fight soon after UFC 257, where McGregor pledged to donate the entirety of his purse to a charity operated by Poirier and his wife, Jolie.

The pledge amounted to $500,000 USD ($656,000 AUD).

However, Poirier called out McGregor on social media this week after claiming that he'd fail to deliver on the charity promise, sparking a war of words between the pair on Twitter.

Poirier said McGregor's team "never responded" to emails explaining where the funds would go.

Now the Irishman claims he will be fighting someone else after seemingly calling off the UFC 264 trilogy fight with Poirier in a series of sometimes expletive-laden tweets.

"A donation, not a debt. We've been awaiting the plans for the money that never came," McGregor said in an expletive-laden reply.

"500k with no plan in place ... You must be new to money.

"The fight is off ... I'm going to fight someone else on the 10th."

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