'Poor sportsmanship' comes back to bite Rousey

Social media exploded with delight after Ronda Rousey's shock defeat at the hands of Holly Holm, all because of one thing she failed to do before the fight.

Pop star Lady Gaga, of all people, led the attack on the former UFC champion for her poor sportsmanship at UFC 193.

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"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT TOUCHING GLOVES!" Gaga posted to Instagram alongside a picture of Holm landing a punch on Rousey:

In UFC it is tradition to meet your opponent in the middle of the ring before a bout and to touch gloves as a sign of respect.

Before the fight Holm held her gloves out to Rousey anticipating the touch only to be rejected.

Gaga was joined by countless more on social media who hit out at Rousey for snubbing her opponent:

Despite Rousey's lack of sportsmanship, Holm still managed to heed Gaga's words and stay humble:

And it wasn't just the general public delighted to see Rousey fall, with the woman originally expected to challenge her at UFC 193 launching an explosive tirade post-match.

After the shock loss, Miesha Tate, who was hosting a UFC 193 party in Las Vegas, didn’t hold back.

"I’m f-cking stoked; f-ck Ronda Rousey," Tate told MMA News Source.

"F-ck her and her 'Nobody has the right to beat me.' Nobody has the right to beat you? Well you just got beat, b-tch. … Anyways, I’m proud of Holly. She had a perfect, flawless game plan. She came in with it (Saturday) and now she is the champion.”