Udinese cheered on in Serie A game by precisely one fan

When Udinese headed to Genoa for their Serie A match against Sampdoria on Monday night, they probably didn't expect much travelling support to come with them. After all, it's a brutal five-hour drive across northern Italy in freezing conditions - and in any case the match was on telly.

They might have expected a bit more than what they got, however: just one fan turned out to cheer on his men.

The fan seemed quite happy to have an entire stand of the Luigi Ferrari stadium to himself, grinning for cameras, chatting to the two stewards who were assigned to stop him invading the pitch, and waving happily to the home fans.

And the local fans took him to their hearts in inspiring fashion, cheering him on as he stood in the cold, and even presenting him a shirt signed by Sampdoria skipper Daniele Gastaldello as a souvenir.

It hasn't emerged whether he was a former Udine resident now living in Genoa, or whether he had indeed traversed the country to cheer his men on. Either way, he ended up glad that he made the effort: Udinese ran out 2-0 winners to climb to eighth in the table.

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