Trent Robinson should spare us the lectures after naive swipe at NRL media

The Sydney Roosters coach wasn't happy with the tone of recent coverage of the Roosters.

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson speaks during a press conference.
Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson took aim at the media in the post-game press conference following the victory over South Sydney. Picture: NRL


I'm thinking about dropping into a Roosters training session this week and pulling Trent Robinson aside for a quick chat. I reckon I've picked up a few things the Chooks could work on before their next NRL game.

I'm sure he'd appreciate my take on the Roosters' right-edge defence and I could put him straight on the best way to handle the Joseph Suaalii-James Tedesco fullback affair. After all, Robbo was quick to advise journos how to do their job after one dared asked about an incident during the Souths-Roosters clash on Friday night.

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So we assume he'd be up for a journo offering a coach some well-intentioned advice? For those who missed it, here's what the Tricolours boss had to say when asked about an incident that left star Joey Manu with a cut and swelling to his cheek.

"No, no let’s stay on the game. We’ve had enough of all the... you guys will want to open that up and make a big thing of that," Robinson said. "It's been so negative this week from you guys. From our side it’s been so positive.

"It's been so negative from guys having a go at 'Rads' (Victor Radley) and 'Jaz' (Jared Waerea-Hargreaves), having a go at (Joseph) Suaalii and 'Teddy' (James Tedesco) — it’s been negative all week.

"Then we come out and play a game so let’s focus on the footy. Don’t blow something small up to be... from both sides. There was a push and a shove, something that shouldn't of happened and someone reacted poorly - so what? Stay on task, talk about the game."

James Tedesco speaks to the referee.
James Tedesco has been wrapped up in a contract saga alongside Roosters teammate Joseph Suaalii. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Trent Robinson takes aim at media coverage

The sermon showed a touch of naivety for someone who's been around the game so long. Did Robinson really think the media would not bring up the nasty and spiteful finals clash and subsequent fallout the last time the sides met?

They were staying 'on task' by asking about it. There was nothing sinister to it and not a lot of negatives from what we could see. And guess what, coach? All that pre-game hype – whether you like it or not - helps sell the game.

Fans will tell you they want positive stories but it's a lie if you look at the online traffic figures. Drama creates interest and the intense media coverage was one of the reasons why there were 37,000 at Allianz on Friday night.

Rugby league thrives on revenge, hatred and redemption – when it's the Chooks v Bunnies, you can double the intensity. So, spare us the lectures.

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