Tottenham's Serge Aurier facing fine after potentially violating social-distancing rules for third time

Chris Cwik
·2-min read

Tottenham fullback Serge Aurier can’t seem to adhere to social distancing rules. The 27-year-old is in hot water again after posting a picture on Instagram on Tuesday in which he’s receiving a haircut.

That would violate the UK’s social distancing regulations. Hairdressers are currently closed as part of those guidelines.

Aurier did not specify exactly when he received the haircut, but posted the image nonetheless.

There is, however, evidence that Aurier broke social distancing recommendations. Aurier posted a message on his Instagram story saying his barber tested negative for the coronavirus.

The full message read:

“My hairdresser is negative and me too so stop talking in a vacuum and put on masks and gloves when you come to take pictures at the training center its [sic] part of the rules too.”

Tottenham is investigating the issue, and said it “will deal with the incident appropriately.” That could include fining Aurier, who has already violated social distancing guidelines twice, according to The Guardian.

It is Aurier’s third transgression of the lockdown. On the first occasion he was pictured on Instagram jogging alongside a friend and then he uploaded another video to his Instagram story of him training alongside his Spurs teammate Moussa Sissoko. After that, the pair issued a joint statement of apology.

Aurier’s career has been full of troublesome behavior. The former PSG defender was convicted of assaulting a police officer outside a nightclub in 2016, suspended three Champions League matches for calling a referee a “dirty son of a b*tch” on Twitter, and has endured other incidents.

Tottenham began non-contact, socially distanced training Wednesday. As long as Aurier continues to test negative for the coronavirus, he’ll be allowed to train with the team.

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