Thirsty punter drinking booze from 'binoculars' goes viral

A horse racing spectator in the UK has gone viral after she was caught using fake binoculars as a flask.

The woman was taking in the races at Cheltenham recently when her ingenious hack was captured on TV.

As you can see above, the cheeky punter appears to be holding a pair of binoculars, before she starts drinking from one of the lenses.

She managed to hoodwink security with the secret flask, but not the cameras, with the video going viral around the world.

The thirsty punter. Image: ITV

“HUGE amount of respect for this girl,” one user wrote on social media.

“We out here living in 2019 and she’s living in 2098,” another wrote.

Although one user pointed out that she may have ruined things for the rest of us.

“Buggered for us all now! They will be checking binoculars as well as handbags at the gate!”