Raiders fans throw garbage, fight with security after ugly final game in Oakland

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor

OAKLAND, Calif. — An otherwise lively day at the Oakland Coliseum quickly turned dark as the Raiders gave up 17 unanswered points to fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon in their final game at their home of decades.

Added security began to line the field at the start of the fourth quarter, at which point the Raiders were up 16-6, in preparation for a potential rush of fans.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr met longtime supporters in the Black Hole after his last game at the Coliseum. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)

Happy fans are one thing; furious ones, quite another.

Instead of taking the win, both Oakland and the refs made a series of questionable calls. The Jaguars sealed the deal when quarterback Gardner Minshew eventually connected with Chris Conley for a touchdown with 31 seconds remaining, and the 20-16 result held.

Fans promptly began chucking garbage — including glass Snapple bottles and half-full cans of beer — onto the field.

While Raiders quarterback Derek Carr headed to the Black Hole to thank long-time supporters (some promptly and strongly booed him), aggression built among fans.

Disgruntled Oakland Raiders fans threw trash on the field after the team's loss to the Jaguars in its final game at the Coliseum. (Torrey Hart/Yahoo Sports)

A woman standing in the front row bled sizeably from her forehead, appearing to have been hit by an errant throw, and security engaged in a full-on brawl with another fan stationed near the goal post.

Media got ushered off the field for their own safety, and a few extra-daring fans hopped the wall to take the field. They were quickly handled by security — none made it out of the end zone.

Unfortunately for Oakland’s legacy, it was a fitting end to Raiders’ tumultuous time in The Town.

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