The gruesome moment Ben Ross broke his arm in arm wrestle

WARNING: This report contains graphic content

Audiences around Australia were shocked Thursday night to see former Maroons forward Ben Ross break his arm on live television.

Ross was competing in an arm wrestle on The Footy Show against ex-Kangaroos winger Wendell Sailor when a loud 'POP' was heard.

Ben was given first aid and then taken to hospital. Photo: YouTube

Ross slouched clearly in agony as a shocked Sailor swore loudly before going to check on his opponent, who was taken to Royal North Hospital by one of the show's producers.

The audience looked on visibly shocked. Photo: YouTube

Host Paul Vautin updated viewers on Ross’s condition after the freak accident at a later point in the show.

"He's in good spirits," said Vautin,

"He's in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

"He reckons he was on top of Wendell at the time (of the accident)."

Vautin later added: "Still not sure about Ben Ross, he’s full of morphine apparently."

The Iron man arm challenge was aimed at raising money for the Men of League charity.

"It was all done properly ... it was just an unfortunate accident," said a spokesperson for the network.

"We all wish him well."

The charity Men of League expressed its hope for a Ross's speedy recovery.

Sailor also apologised later on social media and sent his best wishes to Ross.