'That's assault': Shocking act of violence stuns football fans

A young player has shocked the football world with a disgraceful face-kick and leg-stomp on an unsuspecting rival.

The shocking incident occurred during an Under 17s match between Burundi and Tanzania recently, won 2-1 by Tanzania.

Tanzania captain Abraham Morris was floored by a violent act you’re more likely to see in the UFC than football.

Tanzania were leading late in the game when Morris flicked the ball over an opponent’s head and tried to run through to collect it again.

Absolutely shocking. Image: Twitter

However he was immediately cut down by a jumping, spinning back-kick to the face.

And what’s worse, the Burundi player then proceeded to stomp on Morris’s leg as he was lying face-down on the ground.

Inexplicably, the Burundi player escaped sanction and was allowed to continue playing what little was left in the game.

Fans were left gobsmacked by what they’d seen.

Reddit users ween’t impressed.
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