Thai football presents the craziest penalty goal ever seen

This is one of the most incredible moments you'll ever see on any sporting field around the world.

Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong were locked 19-all in a tense penalty shootout during a club match in Thailand.

The goalkeeper from Bangkok stepped up to the mark hoping to break the deadlock, but quickly thought he'd ruined everything for his team as his shot cannoned hard off the crossbar.

Meanwhile, the rival goalkeeper was absolutely ecstatic, running up the field to celebrate what would have been a crucial penalty miss with his teammates.

However, a miracle was about to happen.

The crazy moment is realised. Pic: Facebook
The crazy moment is realised. Pic: Facebook

After flying high into the sky, the ball came back down to earth with a vengeance, gathering pace and spin before bouncing harshly back towards the goal mouth.

Soon the penalty-taking goalie and referees realise the penalty shot is still in play.

And soon after that so too does the horrified goalkeeper from Satri Angthong, who's realisation comes too late as the ball bounces into the goal.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Phakawat Kunpatee the crowd can be heard going absolutely mental, laughing and screaming at the crazy event.

Satri Angthong missed their next penalty to hand Bangkok the incredible victory.

“The penalty shootout was going on for a long time,” Kunpatee said.

"Both teams scored their penalties. They were good quality. Then it looked like the other team had lost because they missed.

"Everybody thought it was over and the crowd was cheering. The ball bounced and then started going backwards.

"The crowd saw it but the goalkeeper didn’t. It went back into the goal then the other team missed. It was funny, but the goalkeeper felt like a bit silly after. He looked like he was going to cry."

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