'Terrible leadership': AFL great slams Zorko for disrespectful act

An AFL legend has come down hard on Brisbane Lions captain Dayne Zorko after his disrespectful act towards rival Touk Miller.

Zorko and Miller were at it each other all night during the QClash, with the Brisbane captain eventually coming out on top after the fiery affair.

However Zorko was anything but friendly after the victory, giving his opponent an earful, before forcefully offering up a handshake, twice in the space of 10 seconds.

Zorko had also been captured telling Miller he stinks earlier in the game. (Watch in the video at the top of the page)

Dayne Zorko is under fire. Pic: Getty

Plenty of fans took to social media to slam the antics of the Lions captain, but now, AFL legend Tim Watson has joined in, saying Zorko displayed “terrible leadership”.

“He won the game but he lost the battle against Miller again.

“The siren is gone, the game is over, it doesn’t matter how combative you might have been for that period of time, you’ve just got to say, ‘well done, well played’ and you move on.”

Fans took to social media to comment on the tense handshake moment, with many blasting Zorko for his sportsmanship.

Western Bulldogs legend Brad Johnson said he wouldn’t have shaken Zorko’s hand if he was in Miller’s position.

“It’s a disaster, it’s a disaster from Zorko. If I was Miller, you know what? I wouldn’t have shaken his hand after that,” Johnson said on Fox Footy.

“At the end of the game you have a battle, look, well played, bad luck , done.

Dayne Zorko offers a handshake after giving Touk Miller a gobful. Pic: Seven

“But the way that he verballed him – and you can read what he says, Zorko – I would have just said ‘get stuffed mate, see you later.’

“You’re not obliged to (shake hands). He (Zorko) leaves it there so he (Miller) has to, he has to put his hand out. But he could’ve just shoved him away and said ‘nah, don’t want anything to do with you mate, see you next time we play.’

“And look at him coming back here – it’s just no good. Miller’s over him by this stage, he’s just won the game, shake it once, go and celebrate with your teammates.”

The handshake was made even more frosty considering the last time the fiery pair met, Zorko snubbed Miller and refused to shake hands.