Watch: Tense moments as lions, buffaloes clash near safari vehicle

A safari guide in South Africa’s Kruger National Park has captured dramatic footage showing a confrontation between lions and a buffalo herd.

The footage, captured by Nombekana Safaris and posted below, shows lions repeatedly charging the herd while seeking an opportunity to single out a buffalo.

But the buffaloes appear to have been too alert and steadfast in their stand against potential predation.

As viewers can see, the larger and more powerful buffaloes charged back defensively in action that occurred just yards from the safari vehicle.

Rodney Nombekana declared it to be an “amazing sighting” and his guests might consider that an understatement.

African buffaloes are not taken lightly. They’re surprisingly agile and can weigh more than 1,600 pounds.

Lions are successful when they can catch a lone buffalo by surprise or separate a young or weak buffalo from the herd.

Story originally appeared on For The Win