'Should be ashamed': Tennis world stunned by 'disgusting' on-court act

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Frenchman Benoit Paire (pictured) arguing with the chair umpire (pictured left) and smashing a water bottle off court at the Italian Open.
Frenchman Benoit Paire (pictured) threw and all-time tantrum at the Italian Open, which included smashing a water bottle off court and consistently arguing with the chair umpire. (Getty Images)

Frenchman Benoit Paire has thrown an all-time tantrum during his astonishing 6-2, 6-1 loss to Italian Jannick Sinner at the Italian Open.

The enigmatic World No.24 recently returned to action after spending time in quarantine at the US Open after he tested positive for the coronavirus just days before the Grand Slam was set to start.

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After a stint in quarantine, Paire asked officials to have his schedule pushed back to give him time to prepare.

But Paire claimed he had his request denied, which resulted in Paire taking to the red clay against Sinner and lasting just one hour and four minutes in a match, which was described as a ‘disgrace’.

Some of his highlights included throwing and hitting his water bottle, refusing to play and calling for the trainer, serving when his opponent wasn’t ready and finishing the match after hitting multiple returns into the net.

During one point, Paire served well before Sinner was ready for action.

Paire then argued with the chair umpire arguing the rule states when the server is ready, he can serve.

The chair umpire said he can’t serve ‘one second’ after the previous point and when his opponent clearly isn’t ready.

Paire also claimed he was injured and called for a trainer after the chair umpire wouldn’t check a mark when he claimed it was out.

The Frenchman was denied a TMO because he had just called for one, but refused treatment.

He then proceeded to throw his water bottle on the court and leave it at the net.

When asked by the chair umpire to remove it, Paire smacked it off court.

Fans on social media slammed the Frenchman for a ‘disgusting’ performance.

Paire slams Italian Open organisers

Before the match, Paire took aim at the scheduling of the tournament and said he should have had more time to recoup after quarantining in New York.

“S***T PROGRAMMING (sic),” Paire tweeted on the weekend.

“I made only one request that is to play Tuesday to one more day of training with what happened to me in NEW YORK and as I play an Italian you put me on Monday (sic).”

Following the match, Paire said the organisers needed to show him more sympathy after he was holed up in his room for 10 days during quarantine leading up to the tournament.

Benoit Paire reacts to the umpire in the second set of his round one match against Jannik Sinner of Italy during day one of the Internazionali BNL D'Italia.
Benoit Paire reacts to the umpire in the second set of his round one match against Jannik Sinner of Italy during day one of the Internazionali BNL D'Italia. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

“I had not played in 10 days, staying in my room,” Paire said.

“It was a good training, I’m happy I played one hour. I even played one hour and four minutes. I’m happy I hung on for 1:04. I gave what I could. Jannik played very well.

“The result does not really matter,” he added.

“I still have the doubles. I will try to entertain myself with Nico (Nicolas Mahut) and try to win a match.”