Video surfaces of 11-year-old Emma Raducanu's US Open prediction

Emma Raducanu (pictured left) during a junior championship and (pictured right) holding the US Open trophy.
Emma Raducanu (pictured left) predicted at 11 years old with some hard work she could end up a US Open winner. (Getty Images)

Emma Raducanu's magical fairytale run to the US Open title stunned the sporting world, but it turns out she had predicted her success many years earlier.

Raducanu became a global sporting superstar overnight after becoming the first qualifying women's player to win the US Open.

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The 18-year-old appeared destined for greatness after a push at Wimbledon two months earlier, before capturing her maiden grand slam in historic fashion.

And now, a video from seven years ago has surfaced of Raducanu predicting her tennis trajectory.

At just 11 years old, Raducanu lost the final in junior tennis championship in 2014.

But the prodigious talent had already set her goals higher.

"I've had a few tough matches, but I managed to pull my game together and get through them," an 11-year-old Raducanu said.

"I am glad to make the final and it was a tough match today. [My opponent] played really well. I think I played well, but unfortunately, she won."

A question is then asked if she would like to follow in Andy Murray's footsteps and win a Wimbledon or US Open title.

"I know it's really hard work, but yeah hopefully," she said.

"If I, like, work on my game and pull it together then maybe it will happen one day."

Seven years later, and Raducanu captivated the world and won her maiden grand slam title against 19-year-old Leylah Fernandez in the US Open final.

Emma Raducanu reveals her tennis inspirations

During the interview, the 11-year-old points to Chinese star Li Na and Roger Federer as her two inspirations growing up.

"I like Li Na because she has. like, a really good work ethic and she's got really good movement around the court," Raducanu said.

"Roger Federer from the men, because he just moves around so swiftly and makes it look easy."

More than five days after her win, Raducanu was finally reunited with her family after returning home to the UK.

Emma Raducanu (pictured) in tears as she celebrates winning the US Open title.
Emma Raducanu (pictured) celebrates winning the US Open title. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) (Elsa via Getty Images)

Raducanu's parents were unable to travel with her to New York due to Covid-19 restrictions and had to watch on TV as she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a grand slam.

But they were reunited with their daughter in beautiful scenes on Thursday when she arrived at her home in Kent.

Raducanu could be seen hugging her father Ian, who raised his daughter's hand triumphantly in front of the press.

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