'Biggest heart-throb': Tennis stars' insane flirt-fest during online workout

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Grigor Dimitrov and Venus Williams, pictured here during their online workout.
Grigor Dimitrov and Venus Williams co-hosted an online workout. Image: Instagram

Grigor Dimitrov and Venus Williams have flirted up a storm during an online workout class amid the coronavirus shutdown.

With gyms closed around the world, Venus has set up a virtual one on her Instagram page and runs weekly classes from her house.

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On Tuesday she hosted her class with the help of top men’s player Dimitrov, and things got a little steamy when she asked him about his abs.

“Being one of the biggest heart-throbs on tour, how do you keep a six-pack?” Venus asked her special guest.

“If you want to have donuts, do you feel guilty that you’re letting your fans down?”

Dimitrov, who reportedly dated Venus’ sister Serena Williams in the past, replied: “I think it’s important to have indulgences.”

“You work hard, you just gotta enjoy a little bit. Plus, I’m still trying to work on my six-pack every day.

“I wake up, exercise. My diet has changed so much the past three, four years. I cherish those moments. I don’t have them all the time.

“I treat my body like it’s my temple. Sometimes, you need to let one slide.”

Venus then cheekily asked Dimitrov to provide an illustration of what he was talking about.

“Six-pack abs day: maybe you can lead that one day,” Venus said.

“Can you give us a sample of the kind of results we should expect?”

After some persuasion Dimitrov played along and flashed his six-pack, causing Venus to fall to the floor.

With the flirt-fest out of the way they got down to the actual workout.

Venus Williams and Grigor Dimitrov, pictured here in action early in 2020.
Venus Williams and Grigor Dimitrov. Image: Getty

Roger Federer offers online volley lessons

In similar vein, Roger Federer is offering stuck-at-home amateurs the ultimate on-line fantasy camp of sorts - a chance to get tennis tips from a guy many consider the greatest of all time.

While people all over the world are cooped up because of the new coronavirus - social distancing while trying to stay healthy and help others do the same - a bunch of athletes have been posting workouts and drills on social media with suggestions for staying in shape.

Federer did that sort of thing, too, with what he called “a helpful solo drill”, but he also took it a step further Tuesday: He encouraged folks to tweet to him their own videos mimicking the volleying exercise he displayed.

The 38-year-old donned an all-white outfit in perhaps a nod for Wimbledon - the tournament he's won eight times which was cancelled for 2020 last week - replete with a white panama hat with black band, stood near the green wall and volleyed against it.

He tapped the ball more than 200 times during the test of reflex and form in the 59-second video.

Within six hours, Federer's clip garnered more than one million views, and his post drew more than 1,300 replies.

Some of the biggest names in world sport replied, as did Aussie actor Hugh Jackman.

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