Tennis star's epic meltdown in Lyon

Mikael Ymer DQ'd after destroying umpire's chair with racquet (Source: Tennis TV)

Video transcript

MIKAEL YMER: What do you mean you looked at the other side? You saw it clearly jump-- bounce on the line, so show me the mark on the line.


MIKAEL YMER: So whenever a mark comes, if it's over there, you're going to say, I saw it good. I'm not going to go down and check it.


MIKAEL YMER: I've never witnessed that a ref says, I'm not going to go down and check the mark.


MIKAEL YMER: No, it doesn't happen. So why are you not checking-- why are you not checking the mark I'm giving to you?

- I explained to you already, OK? I explained to you already.


- He has [INAUDIBLE]. And Mikael Ymer, well--


--he's going to be gone here. I think this is done. You can't do that. There's just no way this could carry on.