'Not normal': Tennis player explodes over 'bizarre' toilet controversy

Ilya Ivashka (pictured left) returned from a toilet break and umpires with the supervisor and (pictured right) arguing with chair umpire.
Ilya Ivashka (pictured left) returned from a toilet break to be told he would be docked a service game, which prompted him to explode (pictured right) in anger at the chair umpire. (Images: @TennisTV)

Tennis star Ilya Ivashka absolutely exploded at the chair umpire after a bizarre controversy threatened to derail his match at the St Petersburg Open.

Ivashka had taken the first set, but was trailing 2-3 on serve in the second, against Adrian Mannarino and had requested an emergency bathroom break from chair umpire Richard Haigh.

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The Belarusian was granted permission and was told to “Do it in your own time”.

But upon returning to the court, he realised Haigh’s meaning of “your own time” had cost him.

Ivashka was told he had been penalised a point for each minute he was off court.

This resulted in the umpire telling Ivashka he would be forfeiting his service game.

However, this prompted Ivashka to enter in a heated debate with the umpire.

Ivashka said: “No, no, no but this is a joke.”

“This is not normal, how can this be possible?”

Ivashka explodes in fiery rant at chair umpire

But after the umpire announced the violation, the Belarusian absolutely launched out of his chair and exploded in a heated debate with the chair umpire.

The chair umpire said Ivashka risked another game penalty if he continued with his fiery outburst.

Fans on social media were quite divided on the severity of the penalty.

While prior to the coronavirus pandemic players would be expected to shake hands with the umpire, now players often just acknowledge the chair umpire as they walk off.

However, it appeared Ivashka totally ignored Haigh during his post-match routine.

Fortunately for the Belarusian, he was able to regain his nerve and win 6-3, 7-6 to advance to the second round.

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