Stunning twist in Roger Federer's multimillion-dollar fight with Nike

Roger Federer’s legal fight with Nike over the use of his ‘RF’ logo has taken another turn, with the Swiss star’s new sponsor Uniqlo indicating it would not seek to use the logo.

Federer signed with Uniqlo in July 2018 in a move away from Nike that surprised many.

He continued to wear Nike shoes after signing with the Japanese sportswear company, but fans have remained hopeful the ‘RF’ logo would appear on Uniqlo apparel once the deal with Nike expired.

That deal lapsed in March this year, but Uniqlo spokesman Aldo Liguori told Swiss outlet 20 Minuten the company had “no plans” to acquire the rights to the logo.

Uniqlo does not have any stores in Switzerland, leaving fans in Federer’s home country with limited options to purchase the tennis star’s clothing.

Despite this, Federer is happy to have made the switch.

Roger Federer, pictured at the French Open, is likely to leave his famous 'RF' logo in Nike's hands.
Roger Federer celebrates a point against Rafael Nadal at the French Open, 2019. (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)

In an April interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Federer said he wasn’t a fan of Nike’s increasingly colourful designs, saying some of them looked ‘like a truck drove over it’.

“To be quite honest, I just feel like we have some awful tennis-looking outfits sometimes,” he said.

“They’ve just gone too far in the wrong direction.

“They want to make it look too much like a modern tennis shirt that is completely wrong, in terms of designs.

“Like a truck drove over it — or they’re just going to come up with funky graphics, which I think in a sport of tennis, that has such a rich history…you know, the tennis polo is very iconic.

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“I feel like if we work on that, to redesign that, which looks nice and crisp and new and fresh, that’s really important to me.

“I’ve really just tried to elevate the style, the level of that in tennis and hope that resonates also with the new generation coming through.

“I really hope to go to do press conferences like this now.

“Because I don’t have to wear tracksuits anymore. I don’t have to wear all these things.

“It’s nice to finally look good sometimes, you know?”