Alexander Zverev responds to double bombshell from ex-girlfriends

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Brenda Patea, Alexander Zverev and Olga Sharypova, pictured here in the tennis world.
Brenda Patea, Alexander Zverev and Olga Sharypova. Image: Getty

Alexander Zverev has responded to one ex-girlfriend’s baby announcement, and another’s disturbing claims of abuse against him.

The World No.7 tennis player, who recently broke up with German model Brenda Patea, found out he’s going to be a father with his ex on Wednesday.

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Patea, 27, announced she’s 20 weeks pregnant and Zverev is the father.

“The last days were quite challenging for me. I will be a father at age 23,” Zverev wrote on social media on Thursday.

“And I am very much looking forward to the child.

“Even though Brenda and I are no longer together, we have a good relationship and I will live up to my responsibility as a father.

“Together we will take care of the little person that is about to grow.

“But I don’t want to say more in public about this private subject. I am sure that Brenda and I can manage it without the media involved.”

Zverev was then forced to move on to allegations of abuse levelled against him by another ex-girlfriend - Olga Sharypova.

“Then, there are the unfounded accusations of my ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova, which I read in the media today,” Zverev said.

“They make me very sad. We have known each other since we were children and shared many experiences together.

“I very much regret that she makes such statements. Because the accusations are simply not true.

“We had a relationship, but it ended a long time ago. Why Olga is making these accusations now, I just don’t know.

“I really hope that the two of us will find a way to deal with each other again in a reasonable and respectful way.”

Sharypova made disturbing claims on social media about being in an abusive relationship in which she was choked at one stage.

She later confirmed she was referring to Zverev after initially not naming him.

Sharypova also claimed that her head was hit against a wall and she was forced to flee a hotel barefoot.

Alexander Zverev and Olga Sharypova, pictured here at the Hamburg Open players party in 2019.
Alexander Zverev and Olga Sharypova attend the Hamburg Open players party in 2019. (Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images for Hamburg Open)

Ex-girlfriend won’t share custody with Zverev

On Wednesday, Patea said she doesn’t plan on letting Zverev share custody of their child.

“We don’t have any communication with Alex right now, and frankly, I don’t plan to share custody of my child with him,” she said.

“But I will do everything to ensure that (the child grows) up in a harmonious and proper environment. I have the chance to raise my child alone.

“We had crises before and then ended our relationship with Alex.

“Because we have different views on life. Everyone who is with an athlete must submit to these situations.”

Patea also took to social media to share her exciting news.

“There is magic in every beginning. This is my magical beginning with a new life under my heart,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I can hardly put into words what it feels like to be pregnant – it‘s just an overwhelming time.

“Becoming a mom fills me with such great joy and yet it also scares me a little. Those of you who have already been pregnant can probably relate to this.

“In the past few weeks there have been some heartbreaking and joyful moments and then again situations of uncertainty because my child is born into stormy times.

“But no matter what is in store for us … I will love and protect my child until the end of my days. I am already the happiest mom in the world and I am so happy to be able to share this happiness with you!”

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