Emma Raducanu names surprise Aussie star for celebrity dinner guest

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US Open winner Emma Raducanu (pictured right) at the Met Gala and (pictured left) F1 star Daniel Ricciardo after winning the Italian GP.
US Open winner Emma Raducanu (pictured right) has named Aussie F1 star Daniel Ricciardo (pictured left) as an ideal party dinner guest during an interview. (Getty Images)

Emma Raducanu is still getting to grips with the fame that has accompanied her since the teen's extraordinary US Open triumph and with it comes some unusual questions.

The 18-year-old's life has been turned upside down since winning the US Open in just her second appearance at a grand slam.

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She's been on American talk shows, attended the Met Gala, ticked off a "bucket list" item by visiting the New York Stock Exchange, and even got to meet Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

And upon her return to the UK, which involved an emotional meeting with her parents, Raducanu joined up with with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for a rapid-fire Q&A session in an attempt to get to know tennis' new phenom.

And the first question posed to the 18-year-old was who were her dream guests at a dinner party.

Raducanu said legendary NBA star Michael Jordan would be a pick due to her recent viewing of the documentary about the great.

"Yeah I’d to hear some stories of his (Michael Jordan's) and how it was going," she said in the video.

"Because I watched 'The Last Dance' and I think everyone did and I was so inspired after that."

But her second guest was Australian F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo, due to her interest in the sport.

"Daniel Ricciardo seems like a really funny guy" she added.

"I’m quite into F1 so that's exciting. I'd just love to hear more about it."

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Most recently, Raducanu met seven-time F1 champion Hamilton at the Met Gala.

Having one the US Open 48 hours earlier, Chanel invited her to the Met Gala, where she joined a plethora of celebrities and fashion designers in New York.

That was her highlight of the past few days, especially since she met Hamilton there.

"He is such a great inspiration," Raducanu said, a huge F1 fan.

In the video, she also includes Bloomberg's Tom Keene.

Raducannu had taken 18 months off from tennis to finish her high school education because her parents wanted her to have something to fall back on.

One of the subjects she studied was economics and her parents work in finance, explaining why the trip to the NYSE meant so much.

"The third would probably be Tom Keene from Bloomberg," she added in the video.

"I think because I did my A-levels in Economics I was having to keep up to speed up with all the latest news. He made it in a way, using analogies that was relatable and actually quite funny and very understandable."

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