'Best of my life': Dylan Alcott girlfriend's candid sex confession

Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten, pictured here at the Sport Australia Hall of Fame awards.
Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten have opened up about their sex life. Image: Getty

Dylan Alcott and girlfriend Chantelle Otten have opened up about their sex life in a push to change stigmas around people with disabilities.

Alcott, an Aussie tennis champion and media personality who has been in a wheelchair since he was a baby, spoke to ‘Stellar’ Magazine on Sunday about his relationship with Otten.

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The 30-year-old said he grew up wondering whether he’d ever be able to have a proper relationship.

“So many of the 4.4 million people in Australia with a disability struggle with dating and sex,” Alcott told the Sunday Telegraph magazine.

“I know that when I was a teenager I wondered, ‘Can I do it?’ and ‘How do I do it?’

“I questioned whether anyone would love me because I’m in a wheelchair.

“I want to change the misconception that people can’t have sex or be in relationships or fall in love. The only way to de-stigmatise it is to talk about it.”

Otten, a sexologist who was been dating Alcott for two years, said her sex life has never been better.

“A lot of people think people with a disability don’t have sex but I’m having the best sex of my life and it’s important for me to say that,” she said.

“There are people out there who might have a crush on someone with a disability but aren’t confident to ask questions about it.

“They need to know that these sex lives are important and erotic and achievable, and they can build a life together.

“Dylan and I are quite private but it’s important to get the word out. For me, working with people and having them know I’m in a relationship with someone with a disability is great.”

Otten recently called Alcott the “love of her life” in a touching birthday tribute.

“Happy dirty 30 to the love of my life!!! You are the best human,” she wrote on Instagram.

“You make everyday the best day. How lucky I am to have found you.

“Never ending laughs and happiness and strength. You deserve it all.”

Alcott and Otten loving life together

In July Alcott gushed about his new girlfriend in an interview with fellow wheelchair sporting legend Kurt Fearnley.

“I mean, look at me - I’ve, out of nowhere, got the best-looking, amazingly talented girlfriend who is a doctor of sex - that’s her job,” Alcott said.

“I mean, am I not the envy of every human in the world?”

Otten, who describes herself as a “psycho-sexologist who is passionate about empowering people to feel great about their sexual health, self-esteem, communication and education,” previously opened up about Alcott.

Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten, pictured here at the GQ Men of The Year Awards in 2019.
Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten at the GQ Men of The Year Awards in 2019. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

“I’ve never felt butterflies like that before. Wow, I was so nervous (before the first time), but so excited at the same time to see how it would work, what was going to be different,” she said on theListenABLE’ podcast.

“You (Alcott), luckily, have a really erotic mind like my own, so we’ve been able to work on that really well together.

“This is the healthiest and most pleasurable sex that I’ve ever had, because it is just so expansive, and it is so erotic, and it is so much beyond the mainstream view of what sexuality is supposed to be.”

As well as six Australian Open titles, Alcott has won two US Opens, two French Opens and Wimbledon once.

He has also two Olympic gold medals in wheelchair tennis and one in wheelchair basketball and won Best Newcomer at the 2019 Logie Awards.

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