Is this guy the worst sport on the planet?

This is low as it gets for sportsmanship, with a US college tennis player appearing to spit on his hand before shaking that of an opponent who had just defeated him.

Texas A&M’s Patrick Kypson a seriously talented player, the No.1 seed on the sixth best college team in the country.

But when he lost against Ohio State’s best freshman, JJ Wolf, things fell apart in a pretty horrible way.

As the players approached the net, Wolf having bettered Kypson, the Aggies man appeared to spit on his hand before offering it.

Wolf noticed at the last second and quickly withdrew his hand and motioned to the umpire.

Did he really just spit on his hand? Bad bloke. Pic: Twitter

It was hard to see if he faked spitting or actually did but whichever way it landed it did not go down well with his college.

He was suspended for their following match against Texas Tech, the coach releasing a statement condemning his player.

“Sportsmanship and respect are pillars of the sport of tennis and Texas A&M, and Patrick Kypson’s actions at the conclusion of his match at Ohio State were counter to that,” it said.

“He has been appropriately disciplined for his behavior. Patrick’s not only remorseful for what he did, but is acting on that to show that he learned a valuable lesson.

“We will support him in that effort. We have addressed his actions with him and with our friends at Ohio State.”

Kypson released an apology statement after his act went viral.

"I want to apologise for my actions in my recent match against Ohio State Friday night," he began.

"What I did was completely unacceptable. I would like to apologise to JJ, the entire Ohio State faculty and staff, my teammates at A&M, the entire A&M program as a whole, and my family.

"Again, my actions were inexcusable and I will learn from this mistake to become a better player and a better person."