'Won't stop crying': Ukrainian star's heartbreaking gesture for nation

Ukraine star Elina Svitolina (pictured left) posing with a flag and (pictured right) crying in celebration.
Ukraine star Elina Svitolina (pictured) said she is heartbroken at the war going on back in her homeland and said she will donate prize money to help out the crisis back home. (Images: Instagram/Getty Images)

A devastated Elina Svitolina will donate her prize money from her upcoming tournaments to help out the developing humanitarian crisis back in her homeland of Ukraine.

Svitolina expressed her heartbreak at the devastation back home as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

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The World No.15 said she has been in contact with her family and friends back at home, which is heartbreaking as she prepares for her match in Monterray, Mexico.

However, Svitolina is trying to use her upcoming matches for good as she offered to donate her prize money to help out back at home.

"My heart bleeds… We, Ukrainians, ask for the support and help of the whole full-fledged civilized world. My sincere thanks to our guys and girls who defend our Motherland," Svitolina tweeted.

She added on Instagram: "My people, every day I fear for you."

"I am devastated. My eyes won't stop crying, my heart won't stop bleeding. But I am so proud.

"I commit to redistribute the prize money of my next tournaments to support army and humanitarian needs to help them defend you.

"My heroes."

Ukrainian tennis star escapes Ukraine

Another Ukrainian star, Dayana Yastremska revealed how she fled her home during the invasion.

The 21-year-old lives in Odessa with her parents and sister but decided to evacuate after the war with Russia began.

The port city in Ukraine has been targeted by Russia, with several ships hit by missiles as bloodshed in other parts of the country continue to escalate.

The horrific situation saw Yastremska’s parents make the heartbreaking decision to send her and her sister to France, while they remain in Ukraine.

Dayana Yastremska (pictured right) holding her sister as they flee war-torn Ukraine.
Dayana Yastremska (pictured right) and her sister were sent by their parents to flee war-torn Ukraine to the safety of France. (Image: Instagram)

The former world No 21 revealed her intention to leave Ukraine on Friday when she posted a picture of her and her sister sitting on suitcases.

Yastremska said she and her family had spent two nights sheltering underground in Odessa, before revealing the selfless act her parents made to ensure the safety of their children.

“After spending two nights in the underground parking, my parents made a decision at any cost to send me and my little sister out of Ukraine.

“Mom, Dad, we love you very much, take care of yourself!!! I love you my country! Ukrainians take care of your lives!”

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