Roger Federer at centre of shock Carlos Alcaraz confession

US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz (pictured right) tearful and thanking his team and (pictured left) Roger Federer posing with the Wimbledon trophy.
US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz (pictured right) has admitted he would like to face Roger Federer (pictured left) before the Swiss maestro retires. (Getty Images)

US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz has admitted he hopes to play his tennis idol, Roger Federer, before the 20-time grand slam champion calls it quits on his career.

Alcaraz shocked the tennis world having won the US Open to become the youngest grand slam winner since Rafa Nadal in 2005.

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The Spaniard also became the youngest ever World No.1 at 19 years and four months.

However, Alcaraz has admitted some reservations about his career after the remarkable US Open title.

And one such desire is to face one of his tennis idols before he calls time on his career.

Alcaraz has admitted in the past that he grew up idolising Federer and modelled his game off the Swiss champ.

However the pair have never played each other due to the Spaniard's age and recent rise up the rankings.

Federer won his first title in 2003, which happened to be the year Alcaraz was born.

And after his maiden grand slam title, Alcaraz confessed that he would like to play Federer before the 41-year-old calls time on his glittering career.

"I would like to face Federer. And all the Big Three at a grand slam," Alcaraz said on his return home to Spain.

Fortunately, Alcaraz may have a chance to face Federer in an upcoming tournament.

Federer signalled the Basel Open, his home tournament, would mark his return date to tennis having been off the ATP Tour for more than a year.

However, speculation remains on whether Federer will be ready to return in time with doubts over his Laver Cup participation.

Carlos Alcaraz admits to Novak Djokovic ambition

Alcaraz also admitted that he may have been helped with the absence of Djokovic.

The 21-time grand slam winner missed the US Open due to his ineligibility to enter the country because of his unvaccinated status.

And Alcaraz said while he doesn't take anything away from his record triumph, it did leave something

“Look, I don’t want to take credit away from myself,” Alcaraz told the New York Times.

Novak Djokovic (pictured left) embraces Carlos Alcaraz (pictured right) at the net after a tennis match.
Novak Djokovic (pictured left) congratulated Carlos Alcaraz (pictured right) on his US Open win. (Photo by Meng Dingbo/Xinhua via Getty Images)

“But it’s true that Rafa, Djokovic, Federer, they were in a period when they were all playing. I had the luck or whatever you want to call it that Djokovic could not play.

"Everybody has their reasons, but that is the reality. He could not play much for a while, and Rafa kept playing but not all year, either."

Djokovic and Nadal both praised Alcaraz after his historic US Open triumph.

The 35-year-old Serb showed his class and praised both Alcaraz and Ruud for an epic tournament.

"Congratulations Carlos Alcaraz for your first grand slam. Amazing performance," Djokovic wrote.

Alcaraz is currently in Spain to play for his nation in the Davis Cup.

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