Rafa Nadal sends tennis fans into frenzy with Roger Federer announcement

Rafa Nadal (pictured right) speaking to the crowd in Colombia and (pictured left) Nadal embraces Roger Federer.
Rafa Nadal (pictured right) claimed that Roger Federer (pictured left) and himself could feature in a match in Colombia as part of a reunion in the future. (Images: Getty Images/Twitter)

Rafa Nadal has hinted to the crowd that Roger Federer may have some unfinished business in South America and the pair could partake in an exhibition match together in the near future. Nadal has been taking part in an end-of-year South American exhibition tour with World No.3 Casper Ruud.

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The pair have created enormous hype during the tour, which also saw Nadal team up with 80s and 90s tennis icon Garbiela Sabatini. In his latest stretch of the tour in Colombia, Nadal was handed the microphone as he addressed the excited Bogota crowd.

And following the latest match against Ruud, Nadal talked about the recent retirement of his friend Federer who he claimed was: “A good partner for a few years, perhaps the greatest rival of my sports career”.

And in an unprompted move, Nadal claimed Federer and himself could return to Colombia for an event. “He always told me about the great disappointment and sadness that this caused him," Nadal said. "And honestly, from here, I say that I am confident that in the future I can be here with him, playing a game in front of all of us.”

The crowd erupted at the news as Nadal smiled at the reception. Social media also erupted with the possibility of seeing Federer and Nadal play together one more time as rivals and friends.

Federer were expected to take part in an exhibition match in Colombia back in 2020. However, political turmoil in Bogota at the time made the match impossible to organise with Alexander Zverev.

Nadal has been thrilling fans during his South American tour and even allowed a young kid to take his racquet and play a rally with Ruud in front of a packed stadium.

Before the Bogota match against Ruud, Nadal addressed why he continues to play tennis into his mid-to-late 30s. "What may happen in the future I don't know, I don't know the consequences that may happen, time will tell," Nadal said.

"There are several factors why we are playing longer at an advanced age. One is medicine and the professionalisation of the entire sport which means that people have a more extensive team, and there is more knowledge of the things that help to lengthen careers.

"And there is another thing: I think Roger, Novak and I have been pushing each other, and somehow it’s never been enough, we’ve always had to make another effort. The competition [between us] has taken us to extreme mental and tennis levels, and this is one of the main reasons why we have continued for so long."

Casper Ruud (pictured right) and Rafa Nadal (pictured left) during a ceremony.
Casper Ruud (pictured right) and Rafa Nadal (pictured left) are on an exhibition tour around South America. (Photo by Juan BARRETO / AFP) (JUAN BARRETO via Getty Images)

Roger Federer reunion after retirement

Federer recently retired from tennis after teaming up with Rafa Nadal in the doubles during the Laver Cup tournament in London. The tennis world watched on with tears in their eyes as Federer and Nadal broke down in iconic scenes.

Federer said goodbye to the tennis world with a perfect tribute with moments sure to live long in the memory of tennis fanatics. The tennis world erupted over the images of Federer and Nadal grabbing hands as they cried together during the celebratory tribute.

Mirka then joined Federer on the court as the pair embraced in a beautiful moment. Federer has confirmed he will not make a comeback to tennis, but could be interested in a commentary or coaching role in the future.

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