Novak Djokovic detail comes to light after Roger Federer's farewell

Novak Djokovic, pictured here breaking down in tears after receiving a hug from Roger Federer's wife Mirka.
Novak Djokovic broke down in tears after receiving a hug from Roger Federer's wife Mirka. Image: Twitter/Getty

Rafa Nadal's emotional reaction to Roger Federer's farewell has been the talk of the tennis world over the last few days.

Nadal was seen in tears alongside Federer after the final match of the Swiss legend's career at the Laver Cup last weekend, with a photo of the pair holding hands going viral around the world.

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'UNREAL': Novak Djokovic's stunning act in return to ATP tour

But what many didn't see was the fact that Novak Djokovic was equally as emotional at one stage during the farewell.

Nick Kyrgios landed himself in hot water with Djokovic fans this week after jokingly pointing out that at one stage the Serb was smiling in the background while Federer and Nadal were in tears.

But new fan footage posted on Twitter on Thursday showed the moment Djokovic broke down in tears after receiving a hug from Federer's wife Mirka.

Mirka could be seen going around and hugging every member of Team Europe while a crying Federer embraced his young daughters not long after his final match.

The new footage shows the moment Djokovic burst into tears and tried to hide his emotions after the sweet embrace from Mirka.

"It was a very touching, very emotional moment," Djokovic said this week in Tel Aviv ahead of his return to the ATP tour.

"Even when I saw his children and his family, it got me emotional."

Fans also captured the moment Djokovic initiated a brilliant gesture for Federer in which players from Team Europe and Team World both hoisted Federer into the air in celebration of his illustrious career.

The fact that two of Federer's greatest rivals felt the full weight of emotions after his final match says everything about the Swiss legend.

Novak Djokovic wants Roger Federer-style farewell

Speaking at a press conference before the Tel Aviv Open, Djokovic said he hopes he can have a similar sendoff to the one afforded to Federer at the Laver Cup.

Andy Murray was also part of Team Europe for Federer's farewell - the first time all four members of the 'Big 4' played on the same team together.

"I also must say I was thinking about how it would look for me when I say goodbye to tennis," he admitted.

"There is definitely one thing that I will wish to have, other than, of course, my family and the close people in my life, I would love to have my biggest rivals and competitors there.

"Because it added something more special - it added more importance to that moment."

Novak Djokovic, pictured here embracing Roger Federer after the final match at the Laver Cup in London.
Novak Djokovic embraces Roger Federer after the final match at the Laver Cup in London. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Not the the 21-time grand slam champion is planning on calling it quits anytime soon.

"I still want to play tennis even though I achieved pretty much everything that you can achieve in tennis," said Djokovic.

"I still have passion and hunger to play at a highest professional level."

With Federer and his 20 grand slam titles out of the picture, Djokovic is only challenged by Nadal in terms of the all-time record.

Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal, pictured here very emotional during Roger Federer's farewell.
Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal were emotional during Roger Federer's farewell. (Photo by Li Ying/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Nadal won the Australian and French Opens this year to take the lead with 22, while Djokovic won his 21st at Wimbledon.

"We played the most matches against each other of any other rivalry in the history of tennis," Djokovic said about Nadal.

"The rivalry is very special and keeps going.

"Hopefully, we'll get a chance to play against each other more times. Because it's exciting for us and also for tennis fans and sport fans around the world."

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