Nick Kyrgios' telling move after 'entitled' car parking storm

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Nick Kyrgios, pictured here with his car.
Nick Kyrgios has responded after being called out for his entitled parking habit. Image: Instagram/Facebook

Nick Kyrgios has defended himself after critics slammed his 'entitled' parking habits in a viral Facebook post.

Kyrgios was at the centre of a social media storm this week when a furious neighbour posted photos of the Aussie tennis star's car parked in a 'car-share zone' in the Sydney suburb of Zetland, claiming he parks there 'almost nightly'.

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While the post didn't name Kyrgios, the photos clearly showed his distinctive green Tesla Model X car.

The sister of Kyrgios' girlfriend Costeen Hatzi later confirmed that it was Kyrgios' car, saying he didn't realise it was a car-share zone.

Nick Kyrgios' car, pictured here parked in the car-share zone.
Nick Kyrgios was called out for parking in the car-share zone. Image: Facebook/Instagram

And the Aussie tennis star spoke out on Friday to defend himself.

“I’ve parked in the right spot, I’ve made amends,” he said in a video on Instagram.

“Sorry for my inconvenient parking for one day, I’ve parked in the right spot.

"We’re in the middle of an NRL season guys so let’s talk about other sporting athletes, not where I’m parking... it’s all good now.”

He then showed what he really thinks of the whole situation by posting a photo of his car on his Instagram stories and sharing a video clip of him being approached by a news network to comment on the drama.

“It’s a nice car,” he said in the video, before driving off and saying: “Celtics in five" - a reference to his favourite NBA team.

Nick Kyrgios under firre for 'entitled' parking

The disgruntled neighbour posted a number of photos of Kyrgios' car parked in the wrong spot, writing: “Looking for some advice here, it’s a tricky one, we have a car share allocated spot right out the front of our apartment building.

“Recently a very well known famous and quite notorious tennis player has decided that he is somehow entitled to park in it with his own vehicle.

“I don’t want to name and shame the guy but he’s very famous and parks in this car share space almost nightly, meaning that anybody that has a Go Get or Car Next Door vehicle has no option to park there, as you can see the other night our friends had to park their Car Next Door vehicle illegally behind him as he had parked his car in the dedicated car share space?

“Should I just let this guy go because he’s an elite athlete?

Nick Kyrgios and girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, pictured here at Indian Wells in California.
Nick Kyrgios and girlfriend Costeen Hatzi at Indian Wells in California. (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)

“Not that a $400 fine's going to impact his bank account by any means, but it’s more based on principle and setting a good example.

“Especially when car share is all about minimising pollution, traffic and congestion.

“No doubt I’ll get a few trolls on here but I just thought it a reasonable question to put forward on this group.”

After fans started pinpointing Kyrgios as the culprit, Hatzi's sister Mary wrote: “Hey all, to be fair, he didn’t realise it was a car share spot.

“He parked there to allow other car spots for those who can’t find parking in the area.

“Nick understands and will move his car. Thank you for all your kind messages.”

Kyrgios is back in Australia after deciding to skip the current clay-court season in Europe.

He hasn't played the French Open since 2017 because of his dislike of clay.

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