Nick Kyrgios' surprise move as rumours swirl around girlfriend

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi, pictured here at the Australian Open.
Nick Kyrgios is reportedly considering a move to Sydney to be closer to Costeen Hatzi. Image: Instagram/Getty

Nick Kyrgios is reportedly considering moving from Canberra to Sydney in order to be closer to girlfriend Costeen Hatzi.

Kyrgios and Hatzi went public with their new relationship in the lead-up to the Australian Open, with Hatzi then seen supporting her man during his matches at Melbourne Park.

Hatzi was frequently spotted watching from the stands as Kyrgios teamed up with Thanasi Kokkinakis to win the Australian Open doubles title.

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The loved-up couple then shared a hug and kiss on court as Kyrgios and Kokkinakis celebrated their maiden grand slam doubles triumph.

Kyrgios lives in Canberra but has spent the past few weeks in Sydney for media commitments - including an interview with Stellar Magazine.

And according to the Daily Telegraph, rumours are swirling that Kyrgios wants to move to Sydney permanently to be closer to Hatzi.

“Relationships are easy when both people are invested,” he told Stellar Magazine.

“It’s hard to move a couch on your own. I have had a couple past relationships that are brutal when you’re away from them for so long. It does affect you when you’re on the court.

“The luxury I have now in my career is that I’m able to provide for the person and if they want to travel with me they can.

“I’m in a very blessed situation that not many people are able to do. Hopefully everything works out but I don’t plan anything anymore.”

A recent Instagram post hinted that Hatzi is fully-invested in Kyrgios and wants to follow him around the world on the ATP tour.

“We have serious amounts of fun,” he wrote. "Cant wait to go around the world with you.”

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi, pictured here celebrating his Australian Open doubles triumph.
Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi celebrate his Australian Open doubles triumph. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Sneaky way Nick Kyrgios met Costeen Hatzi

Hatzi recently opened up about how she met Kyrgios after his previous relationship ended in a very nasty break-up.

The blogger said Kyrgios messaged her about buying a mirror from her business, but really just wanted to meet her.

“He was apparently scrolling through Instagram and saw my business account post (a selfie in the mirror),” she said.

“He messaged my business account asking if the mirror was available for pick-up and then messaged my personal (account) asking the same thing.

“It was a professional/friendly conversation and then he came to pick up the mirror from Sydney.

“I had no idea that was all a plan, I literally thought he was buying a mirror.

“He picked up the mirror and, as he would say, ‘it was love at first sight’.”

The pair started dating late last year after Kyrgios' tumultuous relationship with Chiara Passari came to an end.

Kyrgios and Passari reportedly had to be separated by police in October after a row while in hotel quarantine in South Australia.

Passari had previously posted an image on Instagram which she claimed showed Kyrgios asleep in bed with another woman.

She has also posted a variety of screenshots allegedly showing private conversations between her and Kyrgios, including messages from the tennis star for her collect her things from his house.

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