Jelena Dokic's devastating reveal after video shocks tennis world

Jelena Dokic, pictured here on Channel 9.
Jelena Dokic has spoken out after a video of a man assaulting his daughter shocked the tennis world. Image: Instagram/Twitter


Jelena Dokic has spoken out in condemnation of a viral video showing a man allegedly assaulting his daughter during a tennis training session.

The video, which has shocked the tennis world and seen a number of top players speak out, shows a man allegedly beating up his 14-year-old daughter on the practice court in Serbia.

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The girl is seen being punched and slapped in the head before being kicked repeatedly after she was thrown to the ground.

The man was reportedly angry over the effort his daughter was showing during the practice session.

Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has since announced that a Chinese citizen had been arrested over the incident.

“After a video of him (allegedly) beating his 14-year-old daughter appeared in the media, the police immediately took all measures and actions within their jurisdiction and quickly identified the suspect,” the ministry said in a statement.

“(The man) was ordered to be detained for up to 48 hours and he will be brought to the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade with a criminal report.”

Some of the world's leading players such as Victoria Azarenka, Paula Badosa and Daria Saville have taken to social media to condemn the man's actions, while American great Pam Shriver had earlier called on Serbian star Novak Djokovic to help track down the perpetrator.

Jelena Dokic's awful reveal in wake of video scandal

Aussie icon Dokic became the latest figure to speak out on Wednesday, making the devastating claim that she's all-too familiar with the sort of behaviour seen in the video.

The former World No.4 and Channel 9 commentator wrote on Instagram: “I feel sick, I threw up and I am heartbroken after watching this."

The Aussie star has previously revealed the sickening abuse she suffered at the hands of father Damir Dokic, who was formerly her coach but now has no contact with her.

"You think this is brutal? It is but it’s a normal day for a lot of us that have been or are abused especially as children," she continued.

"Hitting, ear pulling, spitting in our faces, throwing us on the ground, punching and kicking us. Just another day for us and that includes this 14-year-old girl. Imagine what happens behind closed doors. It’s even worse. This is exactly why I spoke up about this and wrote about it.

“I always said I am not the first or the last to go through this but my question now is have things changed in the way our sport and society deals with this?

“I am glad this monster was caught on video but people are watching this and not doing anything until he started kicking her on the floor. Also, the media needs to do more.

Jelena Dokic, pictured here at the 2023 Australian Open launch at Melbourne Park.
Jelena Dokic speaks at the 2023 Australian Open launch at Melbourne Park. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

“Talk about this more. Our sport and players especially the ones that have a large platform need to raise awareness around this.

“And clubs, federations, governing bodies need to do their part. This is where they now need to step up.

“The question is whether enough is being done even just raising awareness about this. All the journalists around the world and all of you on your Twitter profiles who love all the stories and gossip, how about this?

“Are some players playing a grand slam or not or are they dating each other? Who cares. How about this poor girl? Who will talk about her and protect her?

“I will tell you from personal experience. Nobody. I just hope that this time around someone will help because she is scared and broken and she will be traumatised forever.

“Come on everyone, media, social media, players, ex players, journalists …. please share this, talk about this, post it, repost it. It’s tough to watch? Yes but don’t forget that the reality of what goes on behind closed doors is even more brutal.

“Because don’t forget not everyone survives this and lives are lost because of this type of behaviour that we don’t talk about enough. Some don’t survive, some are killed and some take their own lives.

“You just don’t hear about it. So it’s time to make some noise.”

Jelena Dokic opens up on father's abuse

In her autobiography 'Unbreakable', Dokic lifted the lid on the disturbing abuse she was subjected to.

“A mediocre training session, a loss, a bad mood - any of these trigger him to bring out the belt," she wrote.

"My losing particularly sends my father into a rage. I rarely lose but when I do the consequence is brutal.

“Then he tells me to take off my shirt. It hurts a lot less when you have your shirt on and that’s why he makes me take it off.

"I stand in my bra, my back to him, and he orders me not to move as he hits me. Often he almost slices my skin with the belt.”

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