Eugenie Bouchard's reunion with twin sister after sad family split

Eugenie Bouchard, pictured here in a rare public appearance with twin sister Beatrice at Coachella.
Eugenie Bouchard made a rare public appearance with twin sister Beatrice at Coachella. Image: Instagram

Eugenie Bouchard has made a rare public appearance with twin sister Beatrice, stunning fans at Coachella.

The Bouchard sisters attended the music festival in California together this week - a rare move for the twins after a sad family split.

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Eugenie and Beatrice, 28, wore matching outfits inspired by 'The Powerpuff Girls' cartoon show, posting a number of photos and videos on social media.

"Channelling the Powerpuff girls," one post was captioned.

Fans couldn't get enough of the twin sisters' matching outfits, however many were left surprised by their rare public appearance together.

Last year Beatrice opened up on her fractured relationship with her tennis star sister, saying Eugenie is "almost a stranger" to her.

Eugenie and Beatrice grew up apart after their parents split when they were just 10 years old.

While Eugenie stayed with mother Julie, Beatrice lived with their father Michel.

Speaking in January last year about how the split affected their relationship, Beatrice said she barely sees Eugenie and doesn’t really know her.

“It's very funny. I know someone in the grocery store better than my twin sister,” she admitted.

Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard, pictured here in happier times.
Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard grew up apart after a sad family split. Image: Instagram

“We are definitely not a simple, happy, perfect family.

“Even anything but that. Our parents got divorced, they weren't happy with each other.

“Genie was with my mother for most of her life from then on.

“Myself, our siblings Charlotte and William with my father. So we grew up separately.”

Beatrice said her parents’ marriage breakdown caused an enormous strain on the whole family.

“The situation caused enormous tension,” she added.

“Especially between me, Charlotte, Will and my mother, as well as between Genie and our father.

“It's still like this today, not at all perfect. I've only seen her twice a year since we were 10 years old.

“Therefore, people in the supermarket are closer to her than her own twin sister. It’s crazy. She is almost a stranger to me.”

Eugenie and Beatrice Bouchard mending relationship?

Beatrice said she’s constantly asked why she doesn’t follow her sister on the tennis tour and is barely ever seen at matches.

“A, I went to school! And I have a life to live too,” she said.

“And B, who should have paid for that? Genie didn't pay for it. And that's a perfect example.

“People probably think: go with your sister, she will take you everywhere. No, my sister didn't take me anywhere.

“And when I wanted to see her play at Wimbledon, she said: 'Okay, come and see me play, buy your ticket and come'.”

Thankfully the twin sisters appear to be mending the fractured relationship and spending more time together.

After bursting onto the tennis tour and reaching as high as World No.5 in 2015, Eugenie has fallen into the wilderness thanks to some patchy form and persistent injuries.

She is now ranked 1241 in the world and her appearances at WTA events are few and far between.

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