Sydney Swans' classy act after family refused entry into SCG in dress code drama

A Sydney Swans member named Brenden has taken to social media to slam the situation.

Brenden's young son, pictured here in tears after he and his family were denied entry into the SCG for the Sydney Swans game.
Brenden's young son was in tears after he and his family were denied entry into the SCG for the Sydney Swans game. Image: Twitter

The Sydney Swans have reached out to a young family and offered them the chance to meet the players at a training session after they were denied entry to the SCG Members pavilion on Sunday. A Swans member named Brenden took to social media to blast dress code regulations after he and his family were refused entry due to his wife's ripped jeans.

The Members area at the iconic Sydney ground upholds a strict dress code for spectators, with entry at the discretion of security and event staff. Brenden took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to bemoan the fact that he and his young family hadn't been allowed in to watch the game against Hawthorn.

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Brenden posted a photo with his wife and children, writing: "Whole family are paid members for Sydney Swans. We got rejected from entry at the gate today because my wife’s jeans have a single rip in them. Hundreds of dollars annually, in memberships and merch, and we were made to feel 2nd class citizens being rejected at the door."

Brenden posted a second photo of his son in tears, writing: "Have a look at how our day started, and has ended with my 6 year old in tears, who can’t watch his first AFL game now. Understand the rules, but surely being polite about it and maybe giving a warning is better than rejecting a family with a 4 month old baby in the heat?"

The SCG Trust enforces the dress code rules, rather than the Swans themselves. Brenden said someone from the Swans' customer support team contacted him 30 minutes after he'd posted to apologise for the situation.

Brenden also explained that the Swans informed him he could have accessed different seats for himself and his family "if we made our way around to the membership support booth - which we were unaware of at the time." However he added: "If you’d heard how the steward spoke to us you’d understand why my wife just wanted to leave though."

In an uplifting twist on Monday, Brenden revealed that the Swans had been in touch once again to offer the family the chance to attend a training session and meet some of the players. "Sydney Swans have gone above and beyond to rectify experience yesterday. Couldn't ask for a better response, from a very professional customer care team. My young fella has been invited to training to meet the team which he will love when he finds out."

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According to the SCG website, "the following is not acceptable: Offensive or revealing clothing; torn, ripped or unclean clothing; sports and athletic wear, including leggings; beach wear, including rubber thongs and crocs; Workwear including work boots and hi-vis." The website states: "If you intend on visiting the Members Pavilion, please note that members and their guests are expected to dress to a standard that is in keeping with the dignity and traditions of the building."

Sydney Swans players Dane Rampe and Isaac Heeney, pictured here celebrating with fans after their win over Hawthorn.
Sydney Swans players Dane Rampe and Isaac Heeney celebrate with fans after their win over Hawthorn. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/AFL Photos/via Getty Images)

Journalist Sean Lawson tweeted in response to Brenden's claims: “The SCG is a publicly owned entity run by a government trust, it’s time to get rid of these rubbish dress code rules.” Fellow journalist Roy Ward labelled it “totally unacceptable", adding: “What a horrific experience for Brenden and his family. If it was me, I would never return. It’s a footy match, not a black tie ball!”

The game on Sunday was the first in a six-month trial by the SCG Trust in which dress code regulations have been relaxed. Male spectators in the Members pavilion have previously been required to wear a collared shirt, with 'revealing' tops for women and shorts not allowed.

The terms and conditions on Sydney Swans memberships state that “dress regulations apply for all members and guests accessing the Red Zone at SCG matches. Members with access to this area are reminded of their responsibility to ensure that their own dress and that of their guests conforms to the standards required.

“Should a Sydney Swans member or their guest seeking to access the Red Zone fail to comply, they will not be permitted access into the venue and will waive their entry entitlements for that match. Limited reserved seat upgrades into areas of the SCG without dress regulations may be available for purchase from the Sydney Swans Membership Support Office at the SCG.”

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