Kyle Chalmers' telling act as relationship with swimmer Ingeborg Løyning confirmed

The Aussie superstar has found love after the nasty controversy around Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson.

Kyle Chalmers and Ingeborg Løyning.
Kyle Chalmers wore Ingeborg Løyning's swimming cap at the Japan Open. Image: Instagram/Twitter

Kyle Chalmers and Ingeborg Løyning have gone public with their new relationship amid swirling rumours around the swimming stars. There had been reports over recent weeks that Aussie star Chalmers was involved with Løyning - a fellow simmer from Norway.

And the Norwegian confirmed the romance in an interview last weekend. The 23-year-old recently moved to Adelaide and is training in the same squad as Chalmers ahead of the Paris Olympics in 2024.

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“Yes, we are a couple. We have been there for quite some time, since around December,” Løyning said. “That is not the whole reason, but one of the reasons why I went down to train in Australia.

“We haven’t exactly been aware of it (showing it on social media), but I guess there hasn’t been any need to show off the relationship. Swimming is big in Australia, and he prepared me that there was going to be a little more pressure than I’m used to. But so far it has been quiet and calm.”

Chalmers also confirmed the relationship at the Japan Open when he wore Løyning's cap during a race. Fans have expressed their happiness for the 25-year-old star considering some of the nasty treatment he has received in recent years.

Kyle Chalmers' new relationship after 'love triangle' storm

His new relationship with Løyning comes after he was caught in an ugly storm over a so-called 'love triangle' involving Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson last year. Chalmers lashed out on social media during the Commonwealth Games in 2022 after being asked multiple questions about the situation between himself, McKeon and Simpson.

McKeon is in a relationship with pop star-turned-swimmer Simpson after she briefly dated Chalmers in 2021 - a fact that sparked unfound rumours of a 'love triangle' in the Aussie team. Chalmers was fuming after being asked about the situation in a press conference at the Games, revealing the toll the saga had taken on his mental health and saying he felt like leaving the event in Birmingham and going home.

Aussie swimming great Johanna Griggs suggested Chalmers had actually perpetuated the story by responding to it, prompting a fierce backlash from the swimmer's father. Brett Chalmers broke down as he addressed the treatment his son had received.

Kyle Chalmers, Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson.
Kyle Chalmers was left fuming over reports of a 'love triangle' between himself, Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson. Image: Getty

“If it was in a workplace and you’re getting asked the same question over and over and over again, it’s a form of bullying and harassment,” he said. “It’s not condoned and it’s not accepted. You’d be pulled into the manager’s office pretty fast and if you didn’t stop, you’d probably lose your job, where these people get away with it. They destroy people’s lives and livelihoods. It’s pretty hard.”

David Warner's wife Candice also said she believed Chalmers hadn't handled the situation as best as he could. “He knows how to deal with the pressure. Why is he allowing the media to make these comments?” she asked at the time.

“Why hasn’t he put a self-imposed media ban (on himself) until the Games are over? I’m just really a little bit confused by the situation and why he’s engaging with the media.

“He’s not in the wrong, but he also has the power and ability to stop it and also just to focus on his swim events. Should he know how to deal with this pressure? Should he know how to deal with this completely? Would there not have been a strategy put into place before these Games? We haven’t just started talking about this now, we’ve been speaking about this love triangle before the Commonwealth Games."

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