Kyle Chalmers lashes out over 'pathetic' love triangle rumours

Cody Simpson, Kyle Chalmers and Emma McKeon, pictured here in the pool.
Cody Simpson is reportedly dating Kyle Chalmers' ex Emma McKeon. Image: Getty

Kyle Chalmers has lashed out at 'pathetic' rumours that his decision to swim at the world titles and take Cody Simpson's place is due to Simpson dating his ex-girlfriend Emma McKeon.

Simpson, a former pop star who has returned to swimming after a promising junior career, finished third behind Matt Temple and Chalmers in the 100m butterfly at the Australian trials on Wednesday night.

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The top two in each final qualify for the world titles, while the top three make the Commonwealth Games.

While Simpson is assured of a place at the Commonwealth Games, it was originally thought he would be heading to the world titles as well because Chalmers had said he was skipping the event.

Because he finished third, Simpson was the likely replacement for Chalmers in the event of the Olympic gold medallist not competing.

However Chalmers has seemingly backflipped on his decision and flagged his intentions to compete in Budapest after all.

That would mean Simpson would miss out and have to wait until the Commonwealth Games to make his debut in the Aussie team.

"Eight weeks ago I didn't know if I would be swimming at all this year so it would have been disrespectful of me to say I was going to the worlds," Chalmers said after his victory in the 50m butterfly on Thursday night.

"I'll have a conversation with my coach .. I'd love to be part of the team. I've earned my spot on the team now and we'll see what happens over the next little period.

“Personally I think (going to worlds) is going to be the best thing for me personally moving forward.

"You can't make me out to be the villain. For me, it's unfortunate it probably takes Cody's spot away."

Kyle Chalmers, pictured here after the 100m butterfly final at the Australian swimming championships.
Kyle Chalmers looks on after the 100m butterfly final at the Australian swimming championships. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images) (Quinn Rooney via Getty Images)

Asked if Simpson had crossed his mind, Chalmers replied: “No.”

“There’s six other guys in the race as well that are disappointed, right? For me, swimming is a cut-throat sport.

“You’ve got to finish in the top two to get the individual spot. It’s my dream. It’s my dream to be a butterflier, I started out as a butterflier and I’ve always hoped to do butterfly.

“My body hasn’t allowed me as much to this point, so that’s nice, my body’s finally going OK. Like I said I want to swim it (the 100m butterfly) in Paris, so I’ve got to start practising and getting myself ready to do that.

“So for me, it’s not come into my mind at all. It comes into my mind like David Morgan for example, he’s been on the team for such a long period of time. Does it destroy his dream? It’s not something you take into account in an individual sport, unfortunately.”

Chalmers also posted a statement on Instagram to explain the situation.

Kyle Chalmers slams 'love triangle' rumours

Interestingly enough, Simpson is now believed to be dating Chalmers' ex-girlfriend Emma McKeon.

Chalmers was romantically linked to McKeon in September last year, but the Tokyo Olympics golden girl is now reportedly with Simpson.

The pair have been spotted together a number of times in recent weeks.

“They are absolutely together,” swimming insider reportedly told The Daily Telegraph.

“There is no doubt they are an item. They are training together under (coach) Michael Bohl and have fallen for one another.”

When asked about the 'love triangle' theory on Friday, Chalmers lashed out.

“It’s hugely pathetic. It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard to be honest with you,” Chalmers said on 2Day FM.

“I started out a butterflyer. I’ve wanted to be a butterflyer my whole career, my body just hasn’t allowed me to.

“For me being able to just swim butterfly is so special and something I’m so proud of ... to be able to go back to the event I grew up loving and doing is all the motivation I need.

“Unfortunately I’m the one who has to stand up and apologise and be made out to be the villain when all I've done is given everything to my sport and given everything to my country over this last eight-year period I’ve been in the Australian swimming team.”

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