Surfing world erupts over John John Florence's 'magical' moment

The Hawaiian has produced one of the best rides of all-time.

Hawaain surfer John John Florence (pictured right) during an interview and (pictured left) Florence surfing at the Billabong Pro Pipeline.
Hawaain surfer John John Florence (pictured right) has produced one of the greatest rides of all-time at the Billabong Pro Pipeline. (Images: World Surf League/Getty Images)

Hawaiian surfer John John Florence has produced a moment of magic at the Billabong Pro Pipeline to leave commentators and fans in utter disbelief. The surfing superstar was up against Miguel Pupo and produced a near perfect score in one of the most unbelievable rides seen in recent years.

Florence disappeared inside a barrel and the two-time world champion looked certain to go down with the wave. "More waves coming, maybe he shouldn't have taken that one," commentator Kaipo Guerrero said when Florence disappeared.

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However, the Hawaiian magician 'teleported' out the other end to produce a memorable surf. "No wait, he does. What just happened?" Guerrero added.

"It was time transport. Time transport just happened with John John Florence. I have no idea how he made that much progress down the line."

Fellow commentator Laura Enever added."He is toast. But look at this, that is honestly doesn't make any sense at all."

Incredibly, Florence wasn't awarded a perfect score. But, his 9.93 score was enough to knock out Pupo and advance after he chalked another score of 9.40 in an amazing sequence.

And it wasn't just Guerrero that was in disbelief at the moment. The surfing world hailed Florence for his jaw-dropping escape, which had many labelling him currently the best surfer in the world.

Florence grew up right near Oahu, where Pipeline is taking place. The Hawaiian appeared in shock himself after the ride and couldn't wipe the smile off his face during the interview.

Australian Jack Robinson knocks out Florence

Florence set up a clash with Aussie surfer Jack Robinson in the quarter-final. Incredibly, Robinson pulled off the upset and knocked out Florence with a 13.84 and set-up a semi-final with Brazilian surfer Joao Chianca.

Robinson, a star in the making for Australian surfing, will now take on Italian Leonardo Fioravanti in the final at the Billabong Pipeline.

The 25-year-old Australian from Margaret River emerged as one of the best junior surfers in the world in 2011. However, there was some debate whether he could transfer his skills of big tubes to competition.

Yet, Robinson has continued to rise up the ranks and is looking to win his first major event at the age of 25.

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