Super Bowl 2024 betting: All the novelty props, including a hot bet for the Gatorade bath

At some point between February 2020 and February 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs changed their Gatorade preference.

It's not the type of thing that will send investigative reporters searching for answers, but it does matter to some. Because the color of the Gatorade bath for the winning coach is a popular Super Bowl bet at BetMGM.

In 2020, when the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, Reid got the orange Gatorade bath.

Three years later, when Reid's Chiefs won the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Gatorade was purple. It was the third time since Super Bowl XXXV that the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach was purple, and yes, Oddsshark tracks the history. For San Francisco 49ers backers, we don't have much history of Kyle Shanahan getting a Gatorade bath.

Bettors must know something for this Super Bowl, because orange is getting the early action.

BetMGM's odds for the Gatorade bath

There were enough bets on orange being the Gatorade color for the bath of the winning coach that the odds have steadily moved over the past couple weeks. There is decent money coming in on it too; it's a top 10 most-bet Super Bowl prop at BetMGM.

Orange opened at +550 odds, 35% of the money came in on orange early on, and the odds moved to +500. More bets came in and orange's odds dropped again to +325. It's still not the favorite. Here are the all-important Gatorade odds from BetMGM:

Purple +275

Orange +325

Blue +375

Yellow/green/lime +375

Red/pink +400

Clear/water +1100

No Gatorade bath +2000

Hey, it's the Super Bowl. Might as well get weird with some outlandish prop bets. BetMGM offers plenty of options for that.

Other novelty props, including the coin toss

The coin toss has become one of the more popular prop bets for the Super Bowl. It's over right away and it's easy for anyone to understand. You're also betting -105 odds on each side for a 50/50 proposition, but hey, maybe you have an angle.

Some bettors seem to have a feeling. Heads is getting 55% of the money bet on the coin toss. For what it's worth, tails has a 30-27 advantage over heads through 57 Super Bowls. Tails was the winner last year.

But wait, there's more. Of course there was going to be a Taylor Swift prop (though it's only available for BetMGM customers in Ontario, Canada). "Will the Super Bowl MVP mention Taylor Swift?" is offered, with yes at +750 odds and no at -1600. And 93% of bets are on yes, which makes sense since Travis Kelce is the most-bet player to win Super Bowl MVP (+1300 odds for that bet).

There's the length of the national anthem prop for Canadian bettors, which is set at over/under 90.5 seconds. Country superstar Reba McEntire is this year's singer, and the under is the favorite at -130.

There's also which song will be the first performed by Usher at the halftime show, which had some big line moves. "OMG" went from +800 to +150 after 29% of the bets came in on it. "My Way" shifted from +225 to +100 and is the favorite. "Yeah" was a big faller, from +225 to +700. Now that you know what the real Super Bowl bettors are analyzing, here are the options for the Usher prop:

  • "My Way" +100

  • "OMG" +150

  • "Love in This Club" +600

  • "Yeah!" +700

  • "DJ Got US Fallin’ In Love" +1100

  • "Burn" +2500

  • "Superstar" +3000

  • "Good Good" +3000

  • "My Boo" +3000

  • "Boyfriend" +4000

There are plenty of different, amusing and weird ways to bet on Super Bowl LVIII. You can even bet on the actual game itself, if you choose.